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State Senate District 7

4-year term. Must be 21 years or older, a U.S. citizen, a resident of Texas, and a resident of the district represented. Responsible for representing the citizens of the district in which he/she is elected in the Texas Senate.

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What do you consider the most critical issue Texas will face over the next five years? If elected, how would you approach this issue?

School finance in Texas has generated lots of talk but little legislation in recent years. What is your philosophy on the future of public school funding?

Do you believe America has a problem with gun violence? If so, how do you plan tackle it?

Congress and the President want to repeal the Affordable Care Act, and have taken steps to dismantle it. What role should the government have when it comes to health insurance?

Texas adds about a thousand people a day. This rapid growth has caused several problems. What are the top three issues the government should address because of this growth?

As a Texan, what do you believe is missing from the conversation about immigration and border security? How would your beliefs influence your approach to those policies?

Describe a unique experience from your childhood that shaped who you are today.

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Age 61
Education Permian High School (Odessa, Texas); Texas A&M, B.S., Chemical Engineering (1979); Harvard Business School, MBA (1981); University of Houston Law Center, J.D. (2007)
Campaign Phone 713-467-2989
Website tomglass.org
Facebook Tom Glass for Texas Senate: https://www.facebook.com/TomGlassforTexasSenate/
website tomglass.org
Ever increasing property taxes are driving people out of their homes and accelerating the displacement of poor people out of their neighborhoods. You never really own your home as long as you have to pay the rent of property tax on it. Increasing already high property taxes slower is not good enough.

I pledge to work toward elimination of property tax. While doing that, we must fix the value of our homes at the purchase price and end this wasteful, arbitrary, maddening appraisal system. And we need a real homestead exemption so that you never lose your home due to non-payment of property tax.
We need to replace school property taxes with sufficient funding from the state to make up the difference. That will eliminate the Robin Hood system we have, while providing equal funding for all students.

The Texas Public Policy Center has a plan that shows that this can be accomplished gradually by using most of the increase in state revenues to reduce local property tax burden. To get there faster, I favor of increasing sales tax to help us get there.
Safety is increased by increasing liberty. A decentralized threat from crazies and terrorists requires a decentralized response. We need to allow responsible adults to carry on school campus and other victim disarmament zones.

We need to pay attention to the mental health of those around us and in our schools and use existing laws on harassment, terroristic threat, and mental health emergency detention law as needed. If the mental health facilities we have are insufficient, we should beef them up.

Not a single state senator introduced a constitutional carry bill in 2017, despite it being the top legislative priority of the Texas GOP. If you want a state senator that will lead on the GOP legislative priorities of property tax replacement, constitutional carry, and ending tax-funded lobbying, you will have to vote for Libertarian Tom Glass.
I am running for state office, but the biggest action that needs to be taken is that we need to take away the tax deduction for corporations to provide health insurance and give that deduction to individuals. That will change the market to focus on providing good service to the individual instead of your boss.

The federal government is not delegated the power to regulate health insurance or health care. Texas should enforce the Constitution and stop any federal interference in the marketplace for health insurance or the provision of health services from medical providers to patients. Government interference in the market causes the price to go up. Free markets cause prices of anything to go down.

I created the Texas Constitutional Enforcement group to persuade Texas elected officials to honor their oaths and stop feds when they violate the Constitution in Texas. I will lead on this issue. Unconstitutional federal acts that harm Texans are a target rich environment.
Texas government needs to stop subsidizing development. Growth is good, but the businesses profiting off that growth need to pay for all of the costs of growth.

The biggest statewide growth issue is water. The state legislature is constantly being asked by developers to tilt the playing field to subsidize their water needs, primarily at the expense of rural landowners and Texas aquifers. Developers should develop sustainable sources of water for the communities they build, instead of draining Texas aquifers.

I oppose the addition of new toll roads. Before Rick Perry was in office, we had a pay-as-you-go road policy. Now we are at least $20 billion in road debt with an increasing portion of the TXDOT budget paying out interest. Despite the growth, we must stop the addition of new debt for roads.

Property taxes accelerate the displacement of inner city poor caused by urban growth. We need to phase out property tax.
Everyone knows that non-citizens are costing the taxpayers an incalculably large amount of money, but no one is willing to do anything about it. I will push to eliminate funding of taxpayer services for non-citizens.

That will save large amounts of money in our schools, our county owned hospitals, and welfare services. We should ask our charity hospitals and other charities to pick up the slack where needed. This will also remove the magnet to those who are coming to America for the wrong reasons.

I welcome those who want to come and work in our economy and favor increasing guest worker programs so that people can do that without breaking the law.

Repealing marijuana prohibition and increasing legal ways to come and work will greatly aid in securing our borders.
I was raised in Odessa, Texas and went to the "Friday Night Lights" school. In Odessa, we all felt a religious obligation to become the best we could be at any endeavor.

We also understood that the people who fought for and won our liberty in the American and Texas revolutions bequeathed us with a heritage that was not to be taken lightly. The liberty they won us has allowed Texas and the United States to produce and keep more abundance and to live our lives in harmony with those in our society.

To the degree that we turn away from that liberty heritage to the siren songs of socialism and "social justice," we will have less harmony in our society and less abundance.

I remember who Texans and Americans are. We are exceptional -- not because of we are special -- but because we have been free. I pledge to do everything I can to help us restore that liberty and pass it on to future Texans.
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