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State Senate District 15

4-year term. Must be 21 years or older, a U.S. citizen, a resident of Texas, and a resident of the district represented. Responsible for representing the citizens of the district in which he/she is elected in the Texas Senate.

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    Randy Orr

  • Gilberto "Gil" Velasquez

  • John Whitmire

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What do you consider the most critical issue Texas will face over the next five years? If elected, how would you approach this issue?

School finance in Texas has generated lots of talk but little legislation in recent years. What is your philosophy on the future of public school funding?

Do you believe America has a problem with gun violence? If so, how do you plan tackle it?

Congress and the President want to repeal the Affordable Care Act, and have taken steps to dismantle it. What role should the government have when it comes to health insurance?

Texas adds about a thousand people a day. This rapid growth has caused several problems. What are the top three issues the government should address because of this growth?

As a Texan, what do you believe is missing from the conversation about immigration and border security? How would your beliefs influence your approach to those policies?

Describe a unique experience from your childhood that shaped who you are today.

Age 64
Education Graduated from North Shore High School Attended Southwestern College, Central Bible College and San Jacinto College
Campaign Phone 7138061333
Website randyorr.com
Facebook Randy Orr Texas
Twitter randy@randyorr.com
website randyorr.com
contact 7138061333
There is several issues facing Texas, such as property taxes and immigration, but I believe our public school financing and school safety will be an issue or issues that the legislature will need to tackle for several sessions. Our state population is growing which means our school districts are expanding. Just because legislation is passed for school funding in Austin for two years, does not mean you can use that same formula for the next time the legislature is in session. Our School districts are growing and the needs will be different each time the state legislature is in session.
The state legislature needs a more flexible mindset when addressing the funding of our schools and helping our school districts meet their funding needs. I hope our state legislatures want to be good stewards to the positions they have been elected to, but also they are responsible in helping our school districts achieve their goals in educating our young people and preparing them to be successful in this world. Our state legislature sets the rules for the funding for our schools. Texas school districts around the state should be given or helped in every possible way for them to be successful.
I believe America has several issues, which the majority come from broken or dysfunctional families. Is there gun violence in our country, yes. Is there a fix to the problem for those that wish to do harm to others, by passing more gun legislation, I do not believe so. I would like for our school districts to train or instruct our young people, starting at a young age, basic safety and laws with firearms. Our children or young people will probably come in contact with some type of firearm before they become an adult, they need to know how to protect themselves and the consequences of owning a firearm.
I wish congress wanted to repeal the Affordable Care Act, because their actions don't always represent what they say. I have not agreed with the slogan, our health care system is broken. Was it functioning properly before the Health Care Act was passed, no. I blame both parties for the problems with our health care system. Insurance companies in the health care system do not want the health care market to be open up, from government control. A free health care market without government control, helps lower premiums to the consumer. Yes there needs some government regulation for consumer protection, and for individuals with preexisting health issues, but for the most part, kept the government at bay.
Our transportation system development is critical if we want to kept pace with this rapid growth. I dislike seeing construction for the present and loosing site of the future. We see tax dollars being used, but the project is out of date before it is finished. I believe our immigration system needs to be corrected and it starts at the border. Individuals continually approach me with different immigration policies and ask me my thoughts on the issue. I will not answer any immigration policy until our borders are secured and crossing is a legal process. Land development in urban areas without the proper water runoff is a issue. Rain and flooding will come. Our state needs to have a hands on approach to make sure there is proper protection for our citizens when these seasons come.
Our immigration issues are from both parties not doing their job that they where elected to. President Reagan signed a immigration law that was suppose to solve the immigration problem for all time. Which we see how that turned out. Neither party enforced the immigration policy or secured the border. I am pleased to see our President take the initiative in getting the border secured, by building a wall or some type of barrier. You cannot start the immigration conversation without the border being secured.
When I look back on my early childhood, I believe working with my father influence me more then any other time in my life. I remember when I was five years old, asking my father if I could go with him and my older brother to put a roof on a house for a costumer. My dad said I was to young and that I would have to wait till I got older. I was not happy with that answer. So will my dad and brother where distracted getting tools ready for the job, I climbed in the back of the truck and hide under a tarp. My dad was not very happy when we reached our location. After scolding me for a few minutes, he did not want to drive me back home, so he put me to work cleaning up the debris falling off the roof from the construction. I was a happy little boy getting to work with the big people.
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