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State Representative District 120

2-year term. Must be 25 years or older, a US citizen and a resident of Texas. Responsible for representing the citizens of his/her district in the US House of Representatives.

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  • Barbara Gervin-Hawkins

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    Ronald Payne

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Biographical Information

What do you consider the most critical issue Texas will face over the next five years? If elected, how would you approach this issue?

School finance in Texas has generated lots of talk but little legislation in recent years. What is your philosophy on the future of public school funding?

Do you believe America has a problem with gun violence? If so, how do you plan tackle it?

Congress and the President want to repeal the Affordable Care Act, and have taken steps to dismantle it. What role should the government have when it comes to health insurance?

Texas adds about a thousand people a day. This rapid growth has caused several problems. What are the top three issues the government should address because of this growth?

As a Texan, what do you believe is missing from the conversation about immigration and border security? How would your beliefs influence your approach to those policies?

Describe a unique experience from your childhood that shaped who you are today.

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Age 50
Education 150+ SH with extensive military training courses
Campaign Phone 210-977-0015
Website www.payne-for-house.com
Economic growth and sustainability. If elected my plan is to continue economic growth and stability is to limit any governmental interference with business to that which the government can show a compelling interest and that any regulations or burdens are the least restrictive or burdensome to accomplish any compelling governmental interest, from which the burden will be on the government to show that any interest is compelling and that any regulations thereof are the least restrictive thereof.
I have a plan for school choice in which the State will provide equal funding that will follow the student to any public, private, or home-school, regardless of it being secular or religious.
The Second Amendment is clear and unambiguous, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. Military weapons are those that are suitable for state sponsored warfare and have no other legitimate purpose whatsoever and are limited to the exclusive possession and use of the military alone. All other weapons are civilian from which may not be restricted from the people in any manner whatsoever, absent the conviction of a crime or from those deemed mentally ill, and from which full due process was provided thereof.

I support the Castle and Stand Your Ground Doctrine.

Murder should mandate the Death Penalty. Attempted Murder should mandate Life in Prison without Parole. Assault with Deadly Weapon or Deadly Force should mandate Life in Prison with Parole.

The so called Affordable Care Act was a total disaster that cost jobs. I support its full repeal and replacement by consolidating Medicare and Medicaid with a Public Option and a Sliding-Scale Payment Plan based upon family/individual income and expenditures.

I OPPOSE any form of Universal Government Mandated or Operated Healthcare in which Private Health Insurance or Healthcare Services are abolished or otherwise Nationalized into a Socialist Style System (such as the Democrat Party Proposed "Medicare for All").
1. We need to secure our borders by building a WALL and other barricades and obstacles.

2. We need to fully implement a Visa Tracking System and require E-Verify and we need to fully enforce our criminal and civil laws regarding unlawful migration.

3. We need comprehensive naturalization and immigration reform so that naturalization and immigration applications can be processed, adjudicated, and visas issued in a timely manner.
I SUPPORT legal immigration.

I OPPOSE unlawful migration.
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