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State Representative District 70

2-year term. Must be 25 years or older, a US citizen and a resident of Texas. Responsible for representing the citizens of his/her district in the US House of Representatives.

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    Julie Luton

  • Scott Sanford

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What do you consider the most critical issue Texas will face over the next five years? If elected, how would you approach this issue?

School finance in Texas has generated lots of talk but little legislation in recent years. What is your philosophy on the future of public school funding?

Do you believe America has a problem with gun violence? If so, how do you plan tackle it?

Congress and the President want to repeal the Affordable Care Act, and have taken steps to dismantle it. What role should the government have when it comes to health insurance?

Texas adds about a thousand people a day. This rapid growth has caused several problems. What are the top three issues the government should address because of this growth?

As a Texan, what do you believe is missing from the conversation about immigration and border security? How would your beliefs influence your approach to those policies?

Describe a unique experience from your childhood that shaped who you are today.

Age 50
Education B.A. in English & Minor in Business
Campaign Phone 469-215-7092
Website JulieLutonforTexas.com
Facebook @Imjulieluton
Twitter @ImJulieforTexas
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Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RsHNN6oApEs&list=PLG-nUCRkIvU5MGzI4Vc8cRTAmr8pRndSg&index=4&t=0s
The most critical issue facing Texas is the attack on public school funding and teachers. Our children's futures, the strength of our workforce, and our state's economic prosperity depend upon quality education for ALL children. The legislature's decreased funding, discussion of vouchers (or other programs with similar outcomes), and refusal to compensate teachers fairly risks our children's futures, our business community's growth, and a qualified workforce.

I pledge to vote NO on any voucher proposals (or proposals for any policy that defunds public education). I will advocate for increasing teacher pay and ensuring their healthcare and pensions are adequately funded.
Funding this important institution is mandated by our state constitution. The funding formula hasn't been truly revamped in 30 years. It’s time for a top-to-bottom approach to change the financial formula. We should increase per-pupil expenditures, account for inflation from year to year, and ensure we provide funds for educator pay and benefits so we can attract the best and brightest to educate our children.
I believe in the 2nd Amendment. However, I agree with the late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia in DC vs. Heller that "Like most rights, the right secured by the Second Amendment is not unlimited ... not a right to keep and carry any weapon whatsoever in any manner whatsoever and for whatever purpose."

More than 38,000 people, including children, die each year from gun violence. We should adequately fund and enforce existing laws that protect the public. Other measures could include universal background checks for all sales; removing guns from people served with a temporary restraining order (such as accused domestic abusers or stalkers) or those prohibited from having firearms; requiring reporting of lost/stolen weapons, raising the age for purchasing guns to 21; and, keeping guns out of schools (except for licensed peace officers).
Our great society’s Preamble to the Constitution includes this tenet: "promote the general Welfare". In addition, our Constitution goes on to say our government should protect "Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness." As the saying goes: "if you don't have your health, you don't have anything." Good health is without question part of our general welfare and pursuit of happiness. Our government's role in healthcare should be to ensure access to affordable health care so no family or individual has to suffer financial ruin or death simply due to lack of resources or access to healthcare. Healthy people have much greater opportunities to be productive citizens who pay taxes, strengthen our economy, and take care of their families. If we accept that government has a responsibility to promote the general Welfare through health insurance, we can work together to find practical solutions to accomplish this.
1. We must ensure our public education system is fully funded so we can provide a quality education to ALL Texans— those who have lived here all their lives AND newcomers.

2. We must plan and invest in infrastructure to address ongoing traffic and congestion problems (especially in North Texas, which is where I’ve made my home and the location of the district I hope to represent).

3. We have a general revenue problem with the state budget. We need to prioritize and fund programs that are foundational to Texas' success and keep the state attractive to businesses looking to relocate their operations and their employees. We must also find ways to increase revenue to invest in those programs.
Everyone wants safe borders and safe communities, but the heated rhetoric about immigration fuels pitched battles that leave little room for conversation or compromise. We can accomplish meaningful reforms using technology and streamlined procedures that would allow us to vet incoming immigrants. We have a worker shortage problem in the United States, especially in Texas. Not addressing this shortage will harm our economy.

Additionally, based on my research and discussions about those seeking asylum in the United States, we should be doing more to protect and admit those fleeing from violence and death.

Finally, as a long-time advocate for children, I unequivocally oppose the family separation policy. Texas should be at the forefront of protesting and reversing this policy, as well as ensuring solutions for the hundreds of children who still await reunification.
As the daughter of a minister and a teacher, my early years were formed by a heightened focus on service to others through mission work and educating children. These day-to-day realities in my childhood home shaped my life-long dedication to service in every form. I've spent hundreds of hours working with schools, charities, churches, and individuals here in my community. I commit to bring that same work ethic to Austin to represent District 70.
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