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State Representative District 62

What Do They Do? A short video explanation of state elected offices:https://youtu.be/uqd9IWpSqXI2-year term. The House is one of two chambers that make up the Texas Legislature. The representative is one of 150 representatives. They make and vote on laws, decide where the money goes within the state government, serve on committees such as agriculture and livestock, business and industry, elections, higher education, energy resources, etc. Bills for raising money must originate in the House. Only the House can impeach a statewide officer. Current salary: $7,200 plus $190 per diem when in session.Plazo de 2 años. La Cámara de Representantes es una de las dos cámaras que conforman la Legislatura de Texas. El representante es uno de 150 representantes. Hacen y votan por leyes, deciden a dónde va el dinero dentro del gobierno estatal, sirven en comités como los de agricultura y ganadería, negocios e industria, elecciones, educación superior, recursos energéticos, etc. Los proyectos de ley para recaudar dinero deben originarse en la Cámara. Sólo la Cámara puede impugnar a un oficial estatal. Salario actual: $7,200 más $190 por día cuando esté en sesión.

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Background: What training, experience, and background qualify you for this position?

Education: What specific changes should be made to public school financing and why?

Economy: What state legislation would you support to help Texas residents improve their economic positions?

Health care: What state legislation is needed to increase availability of affordable health care for Texas residents? If none, please explain.

Other Issues: What other issues do you believe will be most pressing in the next session of the Texas Legislature, and what is your position on these issues?

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Retired military (Army, LTC), retired engineer (system software engineer with a defense contractor), former city council member and mayor (Tom Bean), several times a delegate to the state GOP convention. A resident of Grayson County for nearly 35 years.
Education should be a choice and consequently funding should be for all students through an educational savings account - not a voucher system. Schools would then be empowered to set curriculum, calendar, testing criteria with the states role changed from mandate to oversight. Parents and taxpayers would have better accountability of funds.
A complete change to the property tax system that is consumption based rather than the subjective valuation base would be the first step. A reduction of all government subsidies to private entities with consequential reduction of taxes collected at the state level. A system which also recognizes people can actually own their property at some point and not rent from the various taxing entities. A sales tax basis for businesses to pay property taxes slow increased costs as well.
We need far less government involvement in health care because the consequences of a third party payer system is higher costs. We don't have an accurate picture of the true cost of health care because of both government and insurance involvement. Unfortunately, we have equated affordable health care with the concept of affordable insurance - they are not the same. We should encourage true pricing of care by health providers.
Spending will always be an issue because government seems to never tire of the spending tax dollars and putting a greater burden on current and future taxpayers. Next is personal safety, especially in light of school/church shootings. We need to be proactive to meet the threat to security in these areas and embrace the fact that many Texans are ready to defend self, family, and others because they have taken on the responsibility of concealed carry. Let them be the first line of defense.
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