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Member, State Board of Education, District 11

What Do They Do? A short video explanation of state elected officeshttps://youtu.be/3XZK4qoFFlU4-year term. The 15-member board decides curriculum, standards, student testing, special education programs, and textbooks for Texas public schools. It also oversees the Permanent School Fund. Members of the board do not receive pay, but are eligible for reimbursement for expenses incurred in the course of official business.Plazo de 4 años. El consejo directivo de 15 miembros decide el plan de estudios, los estándares, los examenes de los estudiantes, los programas de educación especial y los libros de texto para las escuelas públicas de Texas. También supervisa el Fondo Escolar Permanente. Los miembros de la junta no reciben pago, pero son elegibles para el reembolso de los gastos incurridos en el curso de las funciones oficiales.

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Background: What training, experience, and background qualify you for this position?

Instruction: What is your position on issues dealing with curriculum, student testing, and special education programs?

Funding: What measures would you take to improve investment policies for the Permanent School Fund and equitable distributions for public schools?

Other Issues: What other issues do you consider the most important, and how would you address them?

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I spent thirty years as a classroom teacher and seventeen years in central office administration in the public schools. Currently I am a mentor and the co-director for the mentor-ship program through my church called Kids Hope.
The State Board of Education is responsible for state standards, curriculum which is how those standards are to be taught is left up to the local school district or school.

I favor STAAR testing. I think that some degree of accountability causes everyone to work harder. However, I do not like the intense pressure for the testing on elementary students.

Most school districts work hard to meet the various needs through their special education programs.


The positive results of the PSF speak for themselves. The fund is greatly diversified and handled by an outstanding team. There is not a measure that I could suggest to improve the already strong investment policies.

The PSF provides funds for the Instructional Materials Allotment which is distributed equitably. The remainder of the PSF contribution goes to the Available School Fund and its distribution is the purview of the Legislature.
Finish the strong SS standards streamlining that we are currently working on. We have begun work through the commissioner on an advisory group for updating the health standards. Save Cosmetology from those who would like to stop the program. Continue to work to protect the healthy investments of PSF, In November the SBOE will be voting on a Long Range Plan for Texas education. I would like for the Board to work in whatever ways possible to see those goals implemented.
Campaign Phone (682) 305-6262
Twitter @votemortontx
I am the product of public schools and a first-generation college graduate who ultimately completed a PhD. In my career, I evaluate cognitive and academic performance of children and offer recommendations for school and other services based upon their test results. I also have two sons in elementary school in the Fort Worth ISD.
My son is in special education, and I helped create the FWISD Special Education PTA because of my concerns that some children were not receiving necessary services. For example, students with Dyslexia should receive services under an IEP rather than a 504 plan. Currently, STAAR test results are used too broadly and for inappropriate purposes. Finally, I will fight for curriculum standards based upon scientific facts and a truthful representation of history from multiple perspectives.
Reliance on fossil fuels in the PSF should decrease with more investment in renewable energy as we work to improve our children’s futures. Unfortunately, the legislature increased funding from the PSF for charter schools, which are inherently unequitable and risky investments. At a state level, we should work towards an equitable distribution of resources across all public schools. However, the legislature should not decrease its portion when more local tax dollars are collected for schools.
I will fight for truthful and comprehensive sex education for straight and LGBTQ students. In addition, programs that promote abstinence are not effective in decreasing the rate of unintended pregnancy. Furthermore, misinformation regarding the effectiveness of condoms results in a higher incidence of sexually transmitted diseases but does not decrease sexual activity. In general, we should empower our citizens to make informed decisions regarding their own bodies and health.