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Member, State Board of Education, District 2

What Do They Do? A short video explanation of state elected officeshttps://youtu.be/3XZK4qoFFlU4-year term. The 15-member board decides curriculum, standards, student testing, special education programs, and textbooks for Texas public schools. It also oversees the Permanent School Fund. Members of the board do not receive pay, but are eligible for reimbursement for expenses incurred in the course of official business.Plazo de 4 años. El consejo directivo de 15 miembros decide el plan de estudios, los estándares, los examenes de los estudiantes, los programas de educación especial y los libros de texto para las escuelas públicas de Texas. También supervisa el Fondo Escolar Permanente. Los miembros de la junta no reciben pago, pero son elegibles para el reembolso de los gastos incurridos en el curso de las funciones oficiales.

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  • Ruben Cortez Jr

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    Charles "Tad" Hasse

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Background: What training, experience, and background qualify you for this position?

Instruction: What is your position on issues dealing with curriculum, student testing, and special education programs?

Funding: What measures would you take to improve investment policies for the Permanent School Fund and equitable distributions for public schools?

Other Issues: What other issues do you consider the most important, and how would you address them?

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Campaign Phone (956) 443-7847
Twitter @tadfortexas
I have a Bachelor's in math. I've taught in the public school environment. For 14 years I was a Boy Scout leader. During my years as Scoutmaster, my Troop produced more Eagle Scouts per year than any Troop in the Valley. I've worked in industry, and run my own business. I trained all my computer techs. I've created successful people.
I feel that curriculum is overly micromanaged via the TEKs. Student testing is completely out of control with 40 of the 260 class days used by this. Real life and humane modifications need to done in evaluations of special education program delivery and effectiveness. Teachers know how to teach. Let them. Test anxiety is a very real and destructive force throughout Texas. This does not make better students nor teachers.
Work with legislators who are really in charge of how investments and distributions are allowed. School finamce will be a top issue in the next session. Maybe for starters we could move more of the Texas Lottery profits to education than the miserable 10% that is currently allocated.
Simply this: Real, industry certification based vocational education! College is not for everyone and the college bound student programs will also benefit because those classrooms will not have a significant number of students that the curriculum is ultimately not suited to. This is paramount in today's society. Quit making college dropouts! Quit setting our kids up for debt-ridden failure.