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    Abel Chirino Gomez

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    Stan Stanart

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    Diane Trautman

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What is the most important thing you will work to achieve during your term in office?

What specific and measurable steps will you take to increase voter participation in Harris County?

What security concerns and challenges do you foresee in running elections and how will you address them?

Experience Administrative experience in the area of Quality/Document Control.
Community Served as missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for two years, from 2008 to 2010.
Phone (346) 702-9892
I want to reform the way our voter registration systems are handled, and establish procedures and systems that will safeguard our election process.
The Libertarian Party has, for long, commented on the need for increased voter participation. We oppose any attempt by either of the two major parties to prevent people from voting or limit the way they can vote. I support any measure that can increase voter participation.

The county website needs to be updated to ensure that necessary information is easily accessible. We need to upgrade our voter registration systems and open voting centers.
Voting centers require electronic voting machines. Unfortunately, our current machines are vulnerable, and the software is outdated. Stan Stanart refuses to make necessary changes. The software need to be updated, the equipment needs to be replaced and a paper record of each ballot needs to be produced. The voter can verify the paper record and the county can store it. Currently, Stan Stanart is not producing any paper records and this hurts the integrity of our election process.
Education B.S. Electronics Engineering, Oklahoma State University. Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer. Certified Elections Registrar Administrator.
Experience 30 Years' experience as an Electronics and Software Engineer and Manager. 8 Years' experience as the County Clerk & Chief Elections Official of Harris County, Texas.
Community County & District Clerk Association of Texas, National Association of Elections Officials, Texas Association of Election Administrators. CSG Military & Overseas Working Group.
Phone (281) 606-5611
I made significant improvements the last 8 years: Creating online document viewing, Re-designed the Marriage License, Implemented electronic filing in County Civil and Probate Courts, Created a signature verification system that saves taxpayers $100,000 every major election. I designed our Electronic Pollbook that saves millions and is enthusiastically received by election workers and the voting public. In the next 4 years, we will create technical specs for a new and superior voting system.
We will continue our voter outreach to schools, clubs, chambers, and organizations describing the voting process and demonstrating the operation of the voting machines and electronic pollbooks. We will continue with notifications, PSAs, and press releases to the local media about elections. We will continue to provide encouragement to vote early using billboards across the county. Through every way, we will inform the voters that HarrisVotes.com is the place to go for election information.
While our voting machines are never connected to the internet and there are many layers of security to ensure the accuracy of our elections, I am taking extraordinary steps to harden, test, and protect our elections. In September, I attended the National Cybersecurity Conference in St. Louis. We are addressing phishing, disruptions to HarrisVotes.com, malware, denial of service attacks, and other potential exploitations. As an engineer, I have the knowledge and experience to protect your vote.
Education Bachelor of Arts - University of Houston; Master of Education - University of Houston; Doctorate in Educational Leadership - Sam Houston State University
Experience Trust Asset Mgr. - Texas Commerce Bank; Office Mgr. - First City National Bank; Teacher, Principal and Professor of Education; Trustee on Harris County Board of Education.
Community Women Professionals in Government; League of Women Voters; NAACP; Delta Kappa Gamma; TASB; Girl Scouts Alumni; HAAM Covenant Council; Atascocita Lutheran Church
Phone (713) 417-4235
Twitter @dtrautman
I want to adopt the Countywide Polling Place Program, also called Voting Centers. This program would allow you to vote at any voting location on Election Day. It would be like Early Voting on Election day. This would solve the confusion that so many voters have about where their assigned voting location is on Election Day. Currently, 52 counties in Texas are already successfully using this program and it’s time for Harris County to do the same.
The Countywide Polling Place Program has been shown to increase voter participation in every county that has used it and I am convinced it will increase voter turnout in Harris County as well. I would also like to expand Early Voting hours to give more working families a chance to vote early after work, improve outreach to high school and college students, put more staff on Election Night call center, and improve the website to make it more user-friendly in providing voter information
I believe that cyberattacks on our voting machines, voter rolls, and election websites are always a possibility. To address this, I would replace out of date election machines with an electronic machine that produces a paper ballot, upgrade systems to ensure that election night reporting systems are protected, and provide cybersecurity training to all election officials. I would have an outside election security firm come in to assess our election procedures to determine strengths and weakness.