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    Dylan Osborne

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    Orlando Sanchez

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How will you use your position as County Treasurer to ensure that this office serves the best interests of the people of Harris County?

As County Treasurer how will you handle un-appropriated funds or funds not immediately needed by the County?

As County Treasurer what will you do to ensure transparency in the handling of disaster relief funds, including newly approved flood control bond funds?

Education B.S- Social Sciences; Masters of Public Administration (MPA)
Experience I have staffed two City of Houston City Council Members, worked in the city's Finance Department, and currently work for the Planning and Development Department.
Community I am very active in the UH alumni community, as the President of the MPA Alumni Association. I have also been an active volunteer for the Harris County Democratic Party.
Twitter @Dylan4HC
First, by being out with the people. No elected official should hide behind a desk. You have to go out and meet people where they are- civic clubs, HOAs, Super Neighborhoods, etc. This office can be much more of a community asset than it currently is. The Treasurer also cannot be afraid to use the soapbox of an elected official to advocate for solutions to county problems, like bank deserts. This position is administrative, it should be a public servant and not a career politician.
The Treasurer dispenses funds as directed by Commissioners Court. I believe the Treasurer's biggest role with unspent funds is to be transparent about the funds and to ensure residents know about the issues. I would encourage other county leaders to be prudent with the use of all funds, and in the event of any "funny business," to alert County residents. Unspent funds should not be spent just for the sake of spending money. County residents deserve financially responsible leadership.
The heart of my campaign is community involvement. We need a Treasurer that is not afraid to go into neighborhoods and explain to residents where their money is being spent. This is more important than ever with the large bond that was just passed. I plan to be out in the community showing residents what checks I am issuing and for what. I want to write Op-eds in local papers explaining the financial health of the county. The Treasurer should work with Commissioners to ensure transparency.
Education University of Houston BA
Experience Harris County Treasurer. Former Houston City Council member and candidate for mayor. Texas real estate agent. Member Board of Directors Capital Bank. Veteran U.S. Air Force.
Community Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo, 100 Club, Senior Rides & More, University of Houston Foundation Board of Directors, Council on Foreign Relations and British American Fellow
Phone (832) 521-1962
The Treasurer serves in a fiduciary capacity for the residents of Harris County. I intend to ensure the public's money is expended according to the directives of the commissioner’s court. I will continue to operate in a fiscally prudent manner. When I was elected county treasurer almost 12 years ago, I had a budget of about $1.2 million. Today, the budget for my office is about the same as it was 12 years ago $1.2 million. I have a history of ensuring government operates within a budget.
All Harris County monies are invested according to the provisions outlined in the Texas Public Funds Investment Act. Un-appropriated money is invested by Certified County Investment Officers, of which I am one. A county investment committee approves all Investments. The Committee reports its results to the Commissioners Court and to the public on a quarterly basis. I will continue to participate in the process and, if necessary, as I've done previously, call attention to poor decisions.
Twelve years ago, my office and Harris County began the process of transparency in government. Harris County was among the first in the state & nation to be recognized for transparency. I have also not hesitated to call attention to unwise decisions relating to certain transactions at the county. And while it is my job to report those poor decisions to the public, I must also offer the county kudos for its fiscal prudence over the years. Harris County's bond money WILL be wisely spent.