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Texas House, District 150

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    Michael Shawn Kelly

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    Valoree Swanson

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Identify what you think are the 2 most important issues that affect the people in your district and give specific examples of measurable actions you will take to address these issues.

What specific criteria do you believe must be met in order to justify spending reserves in the Economic Stabilization Fund (Rainy Day Fund)? What requirements should there be to ensure that permanent funding solutions are developed going forward?

What will you do as a member of the Texas Legislature to ensure that all children living in Texas receive a quality education?

How can the state of Texas best partner with local governments and private providers to ensure Texans have access to mental health and addiction treatment services?

Education B.S. Horticulture Texas A&M B.S. Landscape Architecture Texas A&M
Experience Owner of Mirror Lake Designs, a national award-winning landscape architectural design/build firm for 37 years. Former host of "Your Livable Garden" radio show for 22 years.
Community Former Little League umpire/coach 12 yrs., lector & eucharistic minister, counselor at pregnancy resource center, HOA board member, associate member of SISD foundation board.
Phone (281) 413-3836
1. Public Schools ...our state legislature must properly fund our schools so that they do not rely so heavily on school property taxes. Additional state funding tied to hiring more teachers in order to decrease the ratio of students/teacher is critical. 2. Most immigration issues are not under to auspices of our state government but we need to avoid laws which exasperate the hardships of productive, taxpaying people that have been living here for years and are part of the fabric of society.
1.It should make up for negligence in previous funding. 2. It must be accompanied by a plan to adequately fund yearly so as not to need "bail outs". or 3. Must be for unforeseen disaster not likely to repeat.
Public School Funding should be sourced mainly through our State, not property taxes. Eliminating business tax loopholes and abatements would be a starting point, along with more realistic fines for pollution violations. At the moment it is often cheaper to disregard pollution regulations and pay the fine than to pay for measures which would put the violating company's procedures up to code. As stated above targeted funding to hire more teachers to reduce student/teacher ratio is critical.
The State of Texas funds mental health/addiction treatment services with Medicaid and CHIP funds. Unfortunately, when our zealous legislators wished to show how much they hated Obama by rejecting Medicaid Expansion, they walked away from over 100 billion dollars of funding which Texas citizen's have paid or will pay through federal taxes. When you consider 64% of teens do not receive treatment for depression, it is obvious the juvenile actions of our legislators need to be remedied immediately.
Education Bachelor of Business Adminstration Baylor University Waco, Texas
Experience Business Commercial Real Estate Community Outreach
Community business groups, church groups, youth sports parent leadership, Republican Precinct Chair, election judge, State Republican Executive Committee, officer in organizations
Cutting Spending & Property Taxes, Fighting to Protect our Neighborhoods from Future Flooding, Fixing School Funding Formulas to Help Our Area Public Schools, Blocking Low-Income Government Housing, Protecting Our Neighborhoods' Safety & Property Values, Defending 2nd Amendment Rights, Sealing the Border--Ending Sanctuary Cities, Defending the Unborn, Standing Up for Religious Liberty, Empowering Teachers & Parents in Education, Keeping Texas' Promises to Retired Teachers.
I will push to have a portion of the Rainy Day Fund allocated to flood mitigation infrastructure since this is one type of project for which I, as a conservative legislator, fought to save the Fund. Flood recovery and mitigating future funding has been my number one issue since Harvey. While the Economic Stabilization Fund should always be kept strong, spending a portion of the money on permanent infrastructure to mitigate flooding is the type of emergency, one-time expense that it is for.
As a parent of public school graduates, proper funding of public education is extremely important to me. Current formulas are extremely complicated and unfair to many districts. I will fight to fix the broken funding systems and put in place a system that is fair for all our area districts. I will work to make sure our schools are properly funded while protecting taxpayers at the same time.

I will also continue to support proper funding for Texas' legal obligations to our retired teachers.
Ensuring that Texans have access to quality mental health and addiction treatment services is extremely important. Our county jail has become the largest mental health treatment facility in the state. I support programs that try to get treatment to people with mental health needs and keep them out of our county jail. Addiction treatment programs must be tailored to get help to people so they can return to living a productive life. These programs also help stop child abuse and domestic abuse.