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U.S. House, District 18

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    Vince Duncan

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    Sheila Jackson Lee

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    Ava Reynero Pate

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    Luke Spencer

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Identify what you think are the 2 most important issues that affect the people in your district and give specific examples of measurable actions you will take to address these issues.

What do you think are the most important issues in the current immigration policy debate and what would you propose as the way forward?

What role should Congress play in ensuring that the American healthcare system is accessible and affordable across all demographic groups?

What is the appropriate role of the Federal government in protecting the integrity of American elections?

Education N/A
Experience Blue Print Design, Home Building and Furniture Making.
Community Creator Of The Harris County Reform Acts Vice President Of Groveland civic club Worked Independently to help Defeat The Houston HERO Ordinance.
Phone (713) 252-2436
1. Housing.. Repair and Recovery In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey Remains one of the top Priorities of 80% of the Residents Of Congressional District 18. There are thousands and thousands of vacant homes in District 18, in some cases residents had little or no insurance. In other cases residents may not qualify for government assistance because they earn too much money, in other cases skilled labor shortage.

2. Job Security We lost businesses in Harvey that employed Residents of the District.
We Have To be a Nation Of Laws We have to Discourage American Employers from luring and enticing people to enter the country Illegally. We have to shift the narrative into What do the leaders of the nations that they are fleeing from need to do provide a safe and secure environment, employment, educational opportunities for their own citizens. Immigration can not be our Nations Top Priority, Domestic Safety and Security, employment opportunities must be our Nation Top Priority.
Congress Should Restructure Health Care And Insurance Pricing To Control The Cost Of Healthcare. What other American Industry do we have that pricing is not transparent ? For example if you purchase a car or truck you know the price, not in Healthcare we are told that it is covered by your insurance. Congress has control of Medicare and Medicaid disbursement of funds, policies and procedures, its going to take the will of Congress to act on the best interest of the citizens.
Consider The Harris county Reform Acts www.vinceforus.com Voting Process.. We must create Voting Centers move away from schools and churches etc. Each Voter Should be given a receipt of the Candidates And Propositions They have Voted For and at anytime during the process be able to verify that their vote has been properly recorded.
Education Graduate of University of Virginia Law School- J.D. & B.A. in Political Science from Yale University
Experience Congresswoman of 18th Congressional District; Former Houston City Councilmember
Community Constituent services include: Annual Toys for Kids Event, Beat the Heat for Seniors Air Conditioning Program, Annual Thanksgiving Food Giveaway for Seniors, and many others.
Phone (713) 737-8350
Twitter @jacksonleetx18
We faced a catastrophic event in 2017, Hurricane Harvey, which was the most significant natural disaster in the U. S. Our constituents across the city are still facing rebuilding of their homes and working to ensure that the infrastructure works against flooding. My most important task is to ensure the funding needed for rebuilding; identify dollars needed for the Corp of Engineers to match the Harris Co. Flood District; and to fix the Bayou system totally that will control future flooding.
We have a broken immigration system and the present administration has contributed to the ineffectiveness of that system. It is vitally important to pass comprehensive immigration reform to provide access to citizenship and to have real border security via improved technology and well trained personnel. It is important that we fix the broken policy of taking children away from their parents. We will continue to work to reunite those children and to pass legislation that will protect Dreamers.
One of the most important points of healthcare that was passed several years ago was a provision to provide insurance to individuals with pre-existing conditions. Unfortunately, the majority insisted on taking away that provision that has saved thousands of lives. It is my commitment to work with other members of Congress to ensure a system that is both affordable and accessible that protects all consumers; and provides support for our hospital systems through expanded Medicaid.
As a member of the Homeland Security Committee, it is important to recognize that the 2016 election was violated by Russian influence. There are many issues including: protecting the integrity of the process and the voter count. I am involved in efforts to ensure that people are not unfairly purged from the voting rolls, to ensure that every eligible person can vote and make voting precincts accessible to all people. I will request Dept. of Justice & Homeland Security on-site on Election Day.
Education I graduated from Sam Rayburn High School In 1984 in Pasadena Texas, became a working class citizen and pursued a very prosperous career as a cosmetologist.
Experience I had 30 years of customer service in the hair industry & also had the opportunity of being a Small Business owner for 15 years. Majority of my career was in the 18th District
Community God comes 1st in my life, so happy to help my church in any area. Volunteered at the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo, Parent Teacher League as Volunteer Coordinator & President
Phone (713) 504-7186
Twitter @avaforcongress
Job growth is vital in the 18th District. I will propose legislation that will give the Small Business & Trade Schools tax breaks who are willing to work with an individual seeking a trade that best fits them & their personality. I would even like to propose this to be an avenue for the troubled teen/adult & our veterans. I would like to see our veterans receiving the same healthcare benefits that are available to our President and to the House of Representatives - Senate & Congress.
We must restore the integrity of our immigration systems that are guided by the law. It's time to secure our borders by building the wall, this is not just about the illegal immigrant, but a national security threat. Our children are at risk when we allow our borders to be open to drug cartels & sex traffickers. There's also the abuse of companies firing employees (citizens) in order to hire HB1 workers that would be something I would address in Congress.
We can reduce costs by allowing health insurance to be sold across state lines, making it competitive, allowing the consumer to choose. I'm an advocate for returning the power to the states as stated in our Constitution, by the 10th Amendment and healthcare falls into that category. America must be careful into falling for socialistic healthcare. It is a known fact that any country that has taken the socialistic healthcare route, the people lose their choice when where & how they get cared for.
To protect the integrity of our Federal elections we can create legislation that makes it a requirement to show legal I.D. of being a citizen of the United States of America. We must protect our elections from foreign influences.
Education BA - Economics
Experience Supply Chain Management with Midstream pipeline companies.
Community Founding member and officer at RKH Lodge # 1259.
Phone (281) 949-8221
TERM LIMITS - Voters in my district feel that Sheila Jackson Lee is a prime example of why term limits are needed. Once elected, even incumbents who are clearly incompetent cling to power. Limit US Representatives to 5 lifetime terms and US Senators to 2. PROHIBITION - The War on Drugs has done more harm to Americans than drugs themselves ever could. And we have exported a great deal of violence to Latin America. Defund federal enforcement programs. Repeal harsh minimum sentencing laws.
Our entire immigration system needs to be eliminated. Throw it out and replace it. A GUEST WORKER PROGRAM - We had one until 1965 when labor unions and Democrats got rid of it. Not everyone wants to become a citizen. Many would like to work for a few months or years then return home. A CITIZEN PROGRAM - Grant citizen path visas to skilled *and low-skilled immigrants* totaling 1% of the population per year. The 3.1 million people under this program exceeds the 1.5 million entering recently.
Congress has created a monster. Third party payers have hijacked healthcare. We need legislation creating spaces where consumers and providers can work directly together. From these interactions PRICES will emerge, then MARKETS. Costs will go down and quality will go up. True insurance will be reserved for catastrophic and unexpected events. Charity hospitals like we used to have will return to provide for the needy.
Foreign governments will always seek to influence outcomes. The FBI, State Department and NSA will need to be vigilant. I believe federal grant money to states should require the use of voting machines with paper printouts. Digital or networked systems WILL be compromised. This would do tremendous and perhaps irreparable damage to our faith in democratic processes, even more than that caused by the 2016 Democratic Party presidential primary scandal.