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Williamson County Clerk

General Election: November 6, 2018Early Voting: October 22 - November 2, 2018

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    Nancy E. Rister

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    Jessica Tiedt

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What do you consider to be the most important responsibility of a County Clerk?

How would you manage the elections process to ensure election security?

If elected, what do you hope to accomplish during your term of office?

What other issue do you consider most important and how would you address it?

Background County Clerk for 20 years with as many years of experience creating & managing 4 budgets which total over $3 million dollars. I manage a staff of 43.
Education Bachelors of Business Administration from the University of Texas at the Permian Basin with a major in Accountancy and Information Systems.
My responsibility according to law is to be the custodian of the majority of records of the county excluding felony cases. I keep the public records of the county, preserving them and having them available to the public for future generations so they will have the history of our county through the deed records, birth, death and marriage records, Commissioners Court records, civil cases over $500 - $100,000, probate cases, A&B misdemeanor cases, alcohol wet/dry boundaries and permitted establishments, cattle brands, trustee notices and foreclosures on homes in default and various other records.
The County Clerk of Williamson County is not in charge of the elections process. We have had an Elections Administrator since the 1990s who handles all aspects of the elections process.
I will continue to strive to bring the best customer service available while using technology to become as efficient as possible while preserving the older records on paper and the newer electronic records. There is a delicate balance between customer service and keeping only the number of staff needed to provide that service. I will continue to serve the citizens of the county as we transition to mandated criminal e-filing in the criminal courts and become paperless. We have already accomplished e-filing with civil and probate cases when e-filing was mandated by the Supreme Court in 2014.
Continued county growth means increased volume of all transactions and balancing that with more employees to keep up the current service level while keeping salaries at a sustainable level that are within the budgets that I manage. Keeping this data secure and preserved are also top ongoing objectives and challenges in an ever changing electronic world. Maintaining that balance of customer service levels and keeping budgets low to keep from contributing to any increases in taxes is always a high priority.
Background Jessica is a analytical person with technical expertise in Consumer and Enterprise fields. She is happily married and has a very vocal cat.
Education Some College, Mostly trained on the job by Apple and MobileIron
The most important responsibility of a County Clerk is being proactive in her duties and accessible to all of the residents in her county. In 2018, this should include proactively notifying people of transactions against their properties - even if they have not signed up for notification, a robust web portal where residents can see their data and save information that they find through the portal in one place, and office hours and online filing to make accessible services to people who can not come into the office during normal work hours. The Clerk has a duty to everyone in her county.
The County Clerk in Williamson County does not directly handle the elections; she does, however, have a seat on the Elections Commission, and I would encourage the elections director to adopt the system that Travis County has adopted for the 2020 elections, as it is well thought-out and secure. I will also encourage the director to reciprocate the Volunteer Deputy Registrar credentials from Travis County and other neighboring counties so that registrars can more easily register voters at regional community events.
If elected, I would work to address accessibility in the office by expanding the office hours, work with public libraries to make services available in a wider area, and create a web portal that is secure and functional for users to look up information and save or export their data. I hope that I would be able to establish these services as well as creating a central knowledge base accompanying the web portal with help topics addressing filing, as well as information related to changes that come to the office every legislative session. I would also be a proactive voice for my community.
Student voter registration! Getting our young adults started early in their civic duties and responsibilities starts with their right to vote. The State currently requires high schools to register their seniors, but the schools are not well supported in this effort, nor is there any proactive coordination or enforcement of these requirements. I will work to get Williamson County more involved with this process. I will also fight for online voter registration, same-day voter registration, and combining elections that happen in the same 45-day period to save taxpayer dollars.