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Williamson County Treasurer

General Election: November 6, 2018Early Voting: October 22 - November 2, 2018

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    Scott Heselmeyer

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    Omar Kadir

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How will you provide effective oversight of county funds and investments?

What do you consider to be the most important responsibility of the County Treasurer?

What are the most pressing problems facing this office and how will you address them?

Background Williamson County Treasurer for the past 18 months. Real estate and banking attorney in Williamson County for 14 years. Community bank board member.
Education Juris Doctor - Georgetown University Law Center (Licensed Attorney); B.S. in Agribusiness - Texas A&M; Graduate of Thrall High School
We are doing that now, and with great success. Effective oversight is a daily (many times hourly) task. Our office constantly monitors all transactions that flow through the county's bank accounts. We ensure that all transactions are properly approved and are on constant watch for any potential fraudulent activity. On the investment side, we have made significant changes in the way we address financial forecasting, which have helped us more than double the rate of return on county assets. Our current projects include improving security and efficiency in our cash handling methods.
The County Treasurer serves as the county’s banker and chief investment officer. My top priority is to ensure that the county's income is handled and deposited safely, effectively monitored, and then invested in a manner that is both prudent and financially beneficial. In the past 18 months, every dollar of taxpayer money has been accounted for in an efficient manner, and we have more than doubled the rate of return on the county’s assets. Our investment efforts will produce over $8 million in income this fiscal year, which helps to reduce the burdens of growth on our taxpayers.
It’s no secret that Williamson County is one of the fastest growing counties in the nation. This growth naturally results in a corresponding growth in the volume of work that flows into the Treasurer’s office. Meanwhile, technology is ever-changing. The office must be forward-thinking in ensuring that we have the technology and personnel in place to confront this growth. We have greatly improved the county's ability to efficiently accept electronic payments, and we continue to work on these innovations. We also constantly seek to improve safety and efficiency in our daily procedures.
Background It’s time to put an accountant in an accounting role. My entire professional career has been in accounting. Skills + expertise + knowledge = Treasurer
Education Proud alum of the Columbia College Cougars and the Parkway Central High Colts !! B.S. - Business Administration - Columbia College - 2007 PCHS - 2000
Effective oversight requires effective relationships. A Treasurer works with our banking and finance partners, and along with other financial services professionals, accountants are cut from the same cloth. Our working relationships are not only effective, but efficient, because we all speak the same language. Professional financial services is a trade skill, and is learned over time. Bringing real world experience, establishing open lines of communication, and creating an environment of collaboration is what's necessary for a County Treasurer to be effective. #votedownballot
Asking questions. The same attitude necessary for personal financial well-being should be translated to government finances. The financially successful have something very important in common, which is diligence, and the effort to envision long-term financial security requires constant curiosity. Auditing taught me how to ask the right questions, to the right people, at the right time and to ALWAYS trust but verify. I've experienced situations where the question is vastly more important than the answer, usually because nobody thought to even ask it. #votedownballot
There's no community. I belonged to the majority of people that didn't know the Treasurer was an elected position. I learned quickly that our local government does not necessarily reflect all of it's constituents. Bridge building with the community matters because it shows that you are truly available to the public. I believe a Treasurer should be an advocate for financial literacy and want to share my knowledge with my community. School and senior center visits, reaching out to communities of color, online forums are only a few of the solutions I want implement. #votedownballot