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City of Manor City Council, Place 2

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    Maria D. Amezcua

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    Jacob Hammersmith

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    Christopher Harvey

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Biographical Information

What strategies will you use to ensure open communication between City Hall and residents?

What are your top environmental and land development concerns and how do you plan to address them?

What is your vision for transportation infrastructure in your community and how will you advance it?

What other critical issue will you address and how?

Background Current incumbent. Currently serving budget comitee and PID comitee
Education Currently enrolled in Arizona State University pursuing a degree in business administration. A.S in computer network engineering
I frequently ask for input, and will continue to do so. I am always looking for innovative ways to reach out to the community. I love to attend meetings, meet and greets and anyplace where the community gathers. I am also in many neighborhood Facebook pages, interacting and observing, to what the residents want and need.
Our city is growing very quickly. We are looking into our wastewater treatment plant, that needs to be built as soon as possible. This will help better serve our community and will alleviate many water issues. We also need to be more vigilant as to what our neighboring ETJ/County neighbors get approved so we don't end up with nuisance neighbors. This can be acheived by having more comunicaron with our county counterparts.
Infrastructure is a big concern in our city. We are growing and we need to ensure there is infrastructure there before we continue to build. We are currently negotiating for better roads, wider sidewalks, trails, commuter hubs. All this is in motion to help alleviate some of the current issues. We also must continue to have open diologue with txdot to ensure that we are getting what we need.
We are looking to increase our police force and help ensure they have all that they need. We are currently receiving grants and plan to continue requesting any grants that can help keep our citizens safe.
Background US Army Veteran, Entrepreneur, Cybersecurity Specialist, Planning and Zoning Commissioner
Education B.S. in Information Technology, M.S. in Information Assurance
Communication between residents and City Hall is crucial, as the power lies with each and every citizen to have a say in the direction their community is heading. The needs of the residents will be my primary focus. To ensure channels of communication remain available and open to the community, if elected, I will be available through a variety of media types, and working towards setting up a comment and suggestion service on the City of Manor website.
As Manor has grown, so have some of the concerns of residents. Runoff onto farmland, loss of natural vegetation, and increased traffic have all been some of the growing issues that have been brought to light by residents. As a commissioner on the Manor Planning and Zoning Commission, we have addressed many of these concerns. As a member of the Manor City Council I would continue listening to the concerns of residents and work with city officials and board commissioners to come to a fair outcome for all parties.
Many residents have voiced concern over the current road and traffic conditions in our growing city. As a council member I would push to expand light rail to provide access to downtown Austin, improve current roadways by working with local, county, and state officials, and would work to refine parks and roadways so pedestrians and families can safely walk, run, and bike.
The City of Manor is an amazing place for families to raise their children. One of the most important duties as a government official is to ensure children have safe places to play and attend school. I will work with residents, local authorities, and nonprofits to make sure our kids can be kids when at home, in the neighborhood, or in school.
Background Christopher Harvey has lived and worked in Manor for over 10 years. He values God, Family/Friends, Building Community, Sports, Movies, and Good Food.
Education Doctorate of Education - 2014 Master's in Education Administration - 2008 Bachelor's in Social Work - 2000
I will continue to use and enhance the current usage of social media. We have an awesome newspaper and school district with which I believe we should continue to increase collaboration. Communication should always be two-way and in the languages to reach all of our residents. I am having regular Town Halls meetings to get an understanding of the community needs and wants. Some people can’t make the city council meetings because of church of youth activities, but they will come to meetings in their community or a local business
My top concerns are making sure we continue to develop green areas, prevent water supply contamination, and work to continue to increase the quality of our water supply. Until then, I hope to find rebates to encourage the use of water softeners for our residents. I'd love to hear from our farmers on how we can support them and even learn from them. I am interested in working with with Bluebonnet Electric to help our residents understand how to conserve energy and use the awesome tools provided on their website, as well as explore any renewable energy options.
My vision is to ensure transportation infrastructure supports our school district & community needs now, & in the future. We need to review high collision areas & cross reference those areas against construction zones & high traffic areas for commuting residents, school employees, students, & school buses. We need to explore carpool lanes, metro rail, more metro routes, & roadway expansions an urgent issue. I will work with the Texas Department of Transportation & Public Safety, Travis County, Manor PD, & business/housing developers to ensure we construct roadways for our future growth.
Increase social services for families (21% of residents in poverty) Offer job training programs for youth and adults (80% residents w/High School Diploma) Build capacity for Travis County summer employment opportunities for youth Offer yearlong enrichment and training programming for students in partnership with School District and Community Partners Explore Long Range Strategic Planning for City of Manor - transportation infrastructure transformation to reduce average resident work commute (33.2 minutes to work)

Data from US Census - 2012-2016