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Travis County Justice of the Peace Precinct 2

General Election: November 6, 2018Early Voting: October 22 - November 2, 2018

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    Christopher David

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    Randall Slagle

  • Chris Soileau

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Explain why you would make a fair and impartial Justice of the Peace?

What are the resource needs of the office of Justice of the Peace?

How will you improve the services of the Justice of the Peace?

Background Christopher David "Chris" started his professional career in Information Technology and picked up a law license along the way.
Education South Texas College of Law, J.D.
With my past experience representing both civil and criminal defendants, I’ve seen both innocent and guilty, right and wrong. I’ve seen folks found at the wrong place or time brought into the judicial system unprepared and scared of what was happening around them. This experience has created an empathy and desire in me to make this process understandable for those brought into this system for both civil and criminal issues. It is lost on some judges that deciding an issue before the court for many is potentially life altering and the most pressing issue in this person’s life at that time.
While I could speculate on the resource needs of the office, I need the experience of office to determine what is necessary. As with most issues, listening and learning are often more important than a brash but incorrect assumptive action.
The 2nd Precinct JP Court has made a significant push to bring many services of the Court online during the past few years. This is an admirable endeavor and with my background in IT and IT security, I’ll look for ways to secure the IT system in place which hold sensitive public information that many must provide without choice. While focusing on securing our private information, I will continue to expand upon this endeavor of modernization to ease public interaction with my JP Court and keep costs low.
Background Born and raised in Austin, Texas, I spent most of my life in Precinct 2. My wife and I raise our 5-year-old son in the same neighborhood I grew up in.
Education South Texas College of Law, Juris Doctor, December 2005. The University of Texas at Austin, Bachelor of Business Administration, May 2003.
JP 2 requires a judge who is well-trained in the law and will treat people fairly. In addition to serving as your JP over the past 4 years, I am a licensed attorney of 12 years, I served as a prosecutor for 8 years, and I am a member of the Texas Justice Court Training Center teaching faculty tasked with training the justice court judges across the state. These experiences have helped to create an environment in which all people are able to receive their fair day in court at JP 2. I am committed to ensuring that all members of the community are treated with dignity and have access to justice.
JP 2 is the largest and most diverse justice court in Travis County. Due to the geographic size of the precinct, and our court having the greatest number of case filings, ensuring that the community has access to the court at all times is a top priority. We have hired a staff that is over 50% bilingual to meet the needs of our diverse community. We send all of our staff members to legal training to ensure that they are the most experienced and knowledgeable in handling all court duties. We also strive to make as many services available online as possible, saving time and resources.
Over the past 4 years, JP 2 has become one of the most efficient justice courts in Texas. We created the first paper-on-demand court in Travis County, we streamlined all processes, and created a system in which civil lawsuits can be filed online. JP 2 recently became the first justice court in the country to offer online dispute resolution in which members of the community can resolve their cases outside of the courtroom, avoiding the burden of securing transportation and taking time off of work. We will continue expanding online dispute resolution with the goal of greater access to justice.
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