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U.S. Representative District 10

General Election: November 6, 2018Early Voting: October 22 - November 2, 2018

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What do you think are the most important issues in the current immigration policy debate and what would you propose as the way forward?

What is the appropriate role of the Federal government in protecting the integrity of American elections?

What role should Congress play in ensuring that the American healthcare system is accessible and affordable across all demographic groups?

Identify what you think are the 2 most important issues that affect the people in your district and give specific examples of measurable actions you will take to address these issues.

What policies, if any, would you pursue to address public safety and gun violence?

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Background Over 30 years IT executive experience, international business, finance, healthcare, energy, married 26 years, 4 children, NRA, Katy Cruizers
Education BSEE Kettering University, Executive Education, Organizational Development and Leadership, Mendoza School of Business Notre Dame University
People coming to the USA must do it legally. We should build the wall to keep out criminals who would harm our families. The number one role of the government is to keep us safe. I would make e-verify and background checks mandatory with two new provisions; guest workers’ employers must pay for their health insurance so they are not a burden on taxpayers; this currently bankrupts hospitals! I would add a provision that guest workers will NEVER have a path to citizenship; two separate plans.
Texas just won a decision on 9/18/18 from the 5th Circuit court upholding voter ID in elections. SB5. It should be a model for the rest of the nation. Texas has documented multiple cases of voter fraud and the criminals must be prosecuted. If I need an ID to drive a car or get on an airplane, which is a much lesser affair, we can mandate ID to vote. CA allows ILLEGALS to vote making this critical to our future sovereignty.
The federal government should set policies and get out of the way. The older system of health insurance prior to 1976 and HMOs worked well – third party payers must be eliminated. We should be able to buy health insurance much like car and home insurance – clear descriptions of covered items and costs. Cross state purchasing, etc. are great ideas, but the States should take the lead on managing these issues. I believe it is a Tenth Amendment issue. The federal government is too prone to cronyism
Illegal immigration and deficit spending. We need a Presidential Line Item Veto to cut spending. It may take a Convention of States to accomplish this and term limits! There is no difference between R and D spending patterns; the R party will cut SS first. I will cut every other program BEFORE touching Social Security – I am the only candidate to promise this. China is stealing our industries– they are the only producers of penicillin and anthrax vaccines – we need tariffs for reciprocal trade.
Gun violence is a mental health issue, we need to treat the person, not the guns. If a person is deemed mentally unfit, we remove them from the guns, not remove the guns from their house - that process is ripe for abuse - witness the "game" of "swatting". Falsely calling the police to report a violent crime out of a revenge motive has occurred and innocent people have been killed. We used to have wings of hospitals devoted to mental care, but The ACLU sued and won freedoms for ill patients. Now we have a homeless problem. Constitutional Carry is the best proven way to prevent more violence.
Background Public school teacher; Teachers' union representative; Executive director of nonprofit education agency; Civil rights lawyer; Assistant City Attorney
Education B.A., Comparative Literature, Brandeis University; Teaching Credential, California State University - East Bay; J.D., Cornell Law School
We must start with compassion and respect, and preserve the promise of the Statue of Liberty. Our border security must protect us from terrorism and drug cartels. At the same time, we should treat individuals and families who seek asylum with respect. I support citizenship for our Dreamers, and comprehensive immigration reform to address our broken visa and citizenship process. Unlike my opponent Rep. McCaul, who supported Family Separation, I will fight to keep families together.
The government must guarantee the sanctity of the vote, which is our most fundamental right in a democracy. I am very disappointed that my opponent, Rep. McCaul, has failed to take action to investigate foreign interference in our elections, even though he is Chairman of the Homeland Security Committee. We must strengthen the Voting Rights Act to protect against laws that disenfranchise voters (like Voter ID laws in Texas). We also need automatic voter registration and a holiday on election day.
Congress should guarantee that every American has access to quality healthcare -- regardless of pre-existing conditions. We are wealthy enough as a nation, and the benefits of universal care will be enormous: peace of mind, longer lives, stronger businesses, a healthier economy. I support Medicare for All, which will save trillions of dollars by reducing prescription drug costs, reducing emergency room visits, and directing spending to the most important result: our health and wellness.
Top issues: health care and infrastructure. Health care include access to insurance and access to quality hospital facilities. I will vote to support universal healthcare -- for example, Medicare for All -- and to fund rural hospital facilities. Top infrastructure needs include flood control and rural high speed Internet. I will fight to improve Houston's resiliency for 50, 100, and 500-year floods. And I will seek funding to connect every Texas county to high speed Internet.
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