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Williamson County Commissioner Precinct 4

General Election: November 6, 2018Early Voting: October 22 - November 2, 2018

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    Russ Boles

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    Carlos Salinas

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What are the transportation issues in your county and how do you plan to address them?

What are the health and human services issues in your county and how would you address them?

Because counties do not have zoning authority, how do you plan to address growth issues in the unincorporated areas of your county?

What do you consider to be the most important responsibility of a County Commissioner?

Background Husband, Father, Small Businessman that been working for the community for more than 45 years to make it a great place. YMCA, Relay For Life, . . .
Education Product of RRISD (Round Rock High School) / BBA Southwest Texas State (Texas State) / JD St. Mary's School of Law
As Williamson County continues to grow, greater strains are placed on existing roads. This affects not only basic citizen mobility but core services including first responders and ISD school bus routes. I want to meet and address those issues by having our roads keep pace with growth, including focusing and improving key bottleneck intersections such as Red Bud Lane & Gattis School Road (Round Rock), FM 1660 & Limmer Loop (Hutto) and Hwy 79 & CR 110.
As our population lives longer, the number of citizens in need of mental health care will continue to increase. Often people who do not receive the help they need end up on the streets or in county jail facilities. Having been a court appointed mental health advocate, I know there is real opportunity to have mental health professionals (outreach teams) meet people in need at their homes and timely give them the help they need, keeping them in their homes.
As the unincorporated areas in Williamson County grow I will focus on core county services, making sure existing roads are maintained, EMS and fire stations are properly staffed and that law enforcement has the tools and training they need to keep us safe. I am committed to requiring developers follow the county and state construction codes to ensure quality developments.
The County Commissioner needs to listen and respond to the citizens’ needs. To have a clear understanding of the direction the County is headed and address the needs of growth before they become problems. To keep our community and families safe. To work as a team with the cities and schools districts to maximize the tax payer’s dollar. To love Williamson County and its amazing people, recognizing it for the great place it is.
Background 2005-14 Round Rock City Council, Mayor Pro Tem; Corporate leadership and management experience; broad community contribution including school issues
Education Western Michigan University BBA Accounting Major/Business Management Minor; Insurance Industry Professional Designations
The mobility of a population soon to be twice its current size will require a collaborative solution. East/West/North/South corridors/arterials are necessary proactive measures but these have to be planned in a way that recognizes the significant differences that exist from one end of the county to the other. The intersection of towns/cities and agricultural interests demand a county wide strategic plan that coalesces the housing and economic growth of cities and towns with the preservation of natural resources and agricultural economies. I will advocate for a county wide strategic vision.
Although Williamson County has been recognized as the second healthiest place to live in Texas we do have issues in need of attention. WILCO Wellness Alliance working in conjunction with Williamson County and Cities Health District list Mental Health, Access to Health Care, Resource Awareness, Active Living and Chronic Disease as the top county health issues. I have developed a strong interest in their work and will be a strong advocate for their community engagement work particularly as they address these top health issues and the impact on our aging population.
I will advocate for consideration of a county wide comprehensive strategic plan that could offer a shared vision of our future. At least one Texas county is exploring this approach and it’s an exercise meriting some consideration for Williamson County. The fast pace of incorporated area growth and its future impact on unincorporated areas requires we consider how we could better manage our shared future. Recognizing a county’s lack of land use control, this plan could explore probable discussion and planning opportunities in incorporated areas and how these may impact unincorporated areas.
Ensuring county matters are viewed with a Families First Politics Aside approach is the most important responsibility I’d embrace. East Williamson County residents view a disconnection with elected leadership as a growing concern particularly as growth overcomes this area. They feel a disconnection with decisions that impact daily lives. Political polarization and tribalism exacerbate this concern and heightens the need for elected leadership to work harder to demonstrate decisions are driven not by political agendas but by the needs of resident families. I’ll work hard to demonstrate that.