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State Representative District 136

General Election: November 6, 2018Early Voting: October 22 - November 2, 2018

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    John H Bucy III

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    Tony Dale

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    Zach Parks

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What legislation would you support to provide quality public education for all children?

What changes to Texas gun laws would you support or oppose?

What are your top three budget priorities for the 2019 Legislative session?

What other issue do you consider most important and how would you address it?

Background Small biz owner serving 200,000 public school students in athletic, academic, & arts competitions. Former chair WilCo Dem Party. Central Texas Native.
Education Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Arts, major in History from Austin College
We must increase the state’s share of funding to at least 50 percent, which will improve the quality of our classrooms and help retain skilled education professionals. We also need to ensure our class sizes are reduced to pre-budget cut levels and that our classrooms are modern and fully supplied. In addition, we must move away from high stakes testing and focus on teaching and preparing our students to enter the workforce or continue their education. I will oppose voucher schemes. Last, we must reform our school funding method so that it is not overly burdensome on local property tax payers.
We need common sense gun control that respects the 2nd Amendment while keeping our communities safe. I support closing the gun show loophole and implementing red flag laws. I oppose open carry of handguns as well as the idea that we should have guns in schools, government buildings, hospitals, bars, or similar.
My first priority is to increase public education funding to account for inflation and enrollment increases instead of passing those costs off to the local taxpayers. We also need to fund pre-K and special education instead of giving our school districts more unfunded mandates. My second priority would be to expand Medicaid, which would provide millions of Texans with health insurance, add billions of dollars back into the Texas economy, and lower all of our insurance premiums. My third priority would be to expand programs that address maternal mortality, mental health services, and childcare.
Little progress is possible until we restore a culture of civility and a mindset that we need to work as partners, not antagonists. I want to be a leader in working across the aisle and bringing people to the table to seek innovative solutions to the problems we face. By working with our cities, counties, school boards, and other local jurisdictions to ensure core needs and services are being met for constituents, we can maximize our tax dollars and be more fiscally responsible. Last, we must respect local control and not hamstring or circumvent our local communities in their decision-making.
Background Husband, Father, Small Business Owner, US Army Veteran. Former Mayor Pro Tem, Cedar Park Council. State Rep. Dist-136 from 2013 to present.
Education B.A. The Ohio State University, 1992 Graduate, US Army Armor Officer Basic Course, 1993
During my tenure in the House I’ve always voted to increase education funding to ensure our students and teachers are resourced to carry out their mission. I currently have one daughter in Leander ISD and my oldest daughter recently graduated from LISD. I am committed to ensuring that our students are prepared upon graduation for the workforce, for college or the military. In addition to funding I've passed bills to stop inappropriate student/teacher relationships. I intend to file legislation next session to strengthen child protection.
Following recent school shootings I reviewed the Texas safe firearms storage law. I believe current law should be strengthened. Under current law a "child" is a person younger than 17 years old. This should be changed to 18. Currently if an owner does not secure a firearm and a minor gets access and causes death or serious bodily injury the gun owner is subject to a Class C misdemeanor. I would change that to a 3rd degree felony. This could potentially include an enhanced penalty if the firearm is brought to a school or if the access is the result of knowing or reckless conduct by a parent.
1. Public Education 2. Addressing the Teacher Retirement System funding problems 3. Non-tolled road funding
I will file legislation to address the failure to report child abuse and to ensure that civil non-disclosure agreements cannot be used to hide a criminal act such as child molestation. Portion of response removed; did not meet criteria.
Background I grew up as a homeschooler in a Conservative family. My Father was an Army Officer and business manager. We moved a lot, but I learned much too.
Education Attended Word of Life Bible Institute from 2010-2012.
I do not believe that education should be a function of the State. If our government can’t even launch a proper healthcare website why would we trust them with our children’s future? I would like to see the repeal of Article 7, Section 1 of the Texas Constitution so we can replace our public school system with a free-market for education. This would be both better for our children, since learning could be customized to each child, and it would actually be less expensive and easier for families to afford.
Given that criminals will never be stopped by legislation, I believe that all gun regulations should be repealed and we should instead focus on simply enforcing our laws against violent crime.
My only budget priority would be cutting government taxes and spending as often and in as many places as possible. As for three specific areas this could be done, 1.) Privatize education, which accounts for half of our State budget. 2.) Privatuze Health and Human Services, the same way other countries gave privatized Social Security (Chile, for example). 3.) Legalize Marijuana and drastically cut the need for law enforcement spending. These three areas alone account for over 80% of our State’s budget.
Texas independence, I would vote in favor of breaking away from the United States and becoming our own country.