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U. S. House District 23

2-year term. Must be 25 or older, a U.S. citizen and a resident of Texas. Responsible for representing the residents of his/her district in the House of Representatives.

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    Ruben Corvalan

  • Will Hurd

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    Gina Ortiz Jones

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Biographical Information

Explain your position on US immigration policy.

What policies, if any, would you pursue to address public safety and gun violence?

Explain the role you believe the federal government should play in addressing the cost of and access to healthcare.

What other issue do you consider most important and how would you address it?

Campaign Phone (210) 241-4276
Campaign Email corvalan@ampsafe.com
Experience I do not have political experience. I have business experience.
Facebook rubenforcongres
Working visas for vetted immigrants entering for the first time but with no government benefits. Immigrants will have to pay a fee for this visa. Criminal records or sick immigrants should be rejected.

Immigrants already living in the US, will also have the opportunity to obtain a working visa but they would need to pay a much larger fee.
I will not impose more gun control regulations, but would enforce the current laws with more determination.
None. Government should not be regulating access to health care. It is obvious to me that government regulations disrupt free enterprise and degrade services and increase cost.
Government spending is out of control. I will not vote for any new initiative if it does not come already funded.
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Campaign Email info@ginaortizjones.com
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/GinaOrtizJones/
Twitter @GinaOrtizJones
As a first-generation American, I know immigration strengthens our economy and contributes to national security. I support DACA and a clean Dream Act. We must honor the promise we made to 800,000 Dreamers. These young people are crucial to our workforce, economy and communities. I support border security and am thankful our border is as secure as it's ever been. I would rather invest in smart kids than a smart wall.
I support the 2nd Amendment. As an Iraq War Veteran, I had rigorous safety training and screening before being issued a 9mm. My time in the military and our country’s alarming rates of gun violence equally shape my stance on this issue.

We must take commonsense steps to reduce gun violence. These are things that a majority of Americans support. We need universal background checks on all gun transfers, we must close the boyfriend loophole, and also ban access to high-capacity magazines.
For too many, our healthcare system is broken. Our goal must be ensuring everyone can receive care at a reasonable price. The government must address rising health costs, including by pushing for new legislation to let our government negotiate with prescription drug companies for lower prices. I will work to ensure full, safe, affordable access to healthcare for all women—including in rural communities with limited access. I'll also fight for the remaining 19 rural health clinics in our area.
Education. One in 10 kids goes to school in Texas—we have an outsized effect on the nation. I'm a product of public education and my mom is a teacher, I know it is necessary to invest in our kids and their opportunities. That's why I will always ensure all kids can get a quality education, all students can afford college or trade school, and all teachers have the resources they need. My opponent voted to slash STEM investments, special education funds and student aid. I'd never do that.