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Bexar County Clerk

Responsible for land, marriage and other public records, along with administering the county courts-at-law.

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    Lucy Adame-Clark

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    Gerard C. "Gerry" Rickhoff

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What improvements do you suggest to the County Information Systems to better facilitate the County Clerk's duties?

Because the responsibilities of the County Clerk are mostly administrative, do you think that clerks should be appointed rather than elected? Please explain.

Campaign Phone (210) 875-0036
Campaign Email Lucyadameclark@gmail.com
Experience Went to school for Paralegal and started my career with the Sheriff's Office at the age of 24 yrs old. Did 11 yrs with Records Division, 5yrs with Criminal Warrants and 5yrs with Criminal Investigation Division Latent Examiner. Certifications and continued education to include TXDPS, FBI and whatever pertained to my career for the last 21+ years.
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Lucy4CountyClerk/
Twitter @Clark_Adame
Making sure we upgrade our systems, protocols and procedures on how we handle very sensitive informantion especially our children and children's future to include our elders as well as in their information and property. Being the oversight of identity theft and working directly with SAPD, TXDPS, DISTRICT ATTORNEY OFFICE to include FBI thru Central records for many years. I personally know the importance of protecting one's information or someone's property. Team work, Integrity and respect!
I am glad it's an elected position due to very critical documents, as in vital records, deeds, etc due to the mishandlng of a huge embezzlement that took place in the past so long that it's very important for it to be an elected position not appointed by someone as a favor. Since we all utilize the same system we all need to be transparent, accountable, open to better our outlook and line of communication to better facilitate our Office for the community, tax payers and voters.
Experience •Elected County Clerk in 1994 • Political Science Degree - St. Louis University • 7 years as a special education teacher at Southwest I.S.D. • Nationally Certified Elections Administrator • Serves on the Elections Commission, Bexar County Investment Advisory Comm., Records Mgmt. Comm. and Bail Bond Board • Also serves as the Bexar County Treasurer
I suggest we continue working with our Information Technology Office in order to facilitate information to the media and the public. The databases that the County Clerk feed into are critical to the administration of government, whether it be land records, probate records or the criminal dockets for the courts. Innovative technology not only increases transparency, but also increases efficient services to the citizens of Bexar County.
Electing a county clerk is in the interest of good gov’t. Appointed officials are not responsible to the voters. Separation of powers and checks and balances that are guaranteed by our constitution protect democracy. Concentration of power can be a corruptive force. It is our job as elected officials to watch each other in order to protect democracy. When we see infringements we are honor bound to report them; whereas an appointed official may be silent in place of reporting the uncomfortable.