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U.S. House District 28

2-year term. Must be 25 or older, a U.S. citizen and a resident of Texas. Responsible for representing the citizens of his/her district in the House of Representatives.

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    Arthur M. Thomas IV

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Explain your position on US immigration policy.

What policies, if any, would you pursue to address public safety and gun violence?

Explain the role you believe the federal government should play in addressing the cost of and access to healthcare.

What other issue do you consider most important and how would you address it?

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Campaign Email arthur@amtiv.com
Facebook www.fb.com/voteforarthur
I believe the US should have an open and welcoming immigration policy. Visa caps should be removed. Our immigration system should recognize and make seasonal workers who and to travel home and return more easy. Those seeking a path to citizenship should not have a 10 year burden ahead of them. We need a less restrictive immigration process so that people are not risking their lives and fortunes to come here unless they are actually criminals. Our current system does not work to protect us.
I believe each state must deal with this issue as they know their situations better. I don't believe this really can be solve from the top down Washington approach. Despite the hardships and obvious travesty that happens, it is the role of the federal government to protect the 2nd amendment.
The government has been involved in healthcare since WWII when it started manipulating the market. Government market manipulations and regulations have carved out the system we operate under today. Not a free market. We need to put choice back in the hands of consumers again. Removing regulations that prevent crossing state lines and affect how employees are heavily involved in healthcare decisions is a step. A large part of the federal budget is healthcare. We cannot spend this problem away.
Ending constant war is very important to me. Congress is not declaring who our enemy is nor defining who or what we are at war with. The military is a massive part of our budget and we spend more than the next 6 countries behind us. We are not the world police. We need to bring troops home and end interventionism around the world. We are entangled in too many conflicts that actually threaten our security instead of protecting it. The forever war that benefits war producers must end.