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Texas House, District 116

2-year term. Must be 21 or older, a U.S. citizen, a resident of Texas for 2 years and a resident of the district represented for 1 year.

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    Trey Martinez Fischer

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    Fernando Padron

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Biographical Information

What would you do to provide and fund an equitable, quality public education for all children pre-k through grade 12?

Identify three measures that you would support that reduce gun violence.

What are your top three budget priorities for the 2019 Legislative session?

After publication of the 2020 census, new congressional and state districts will be redrawn. What process do you support to ensure fair representation?

Given recent pressures on water resources, transportation, and infrastructure in growing Hill Country counties, would you support giving limited additional authority to selected counties to protect the quality of life – including water and clean air – in unincorporated areas? Explain why or why not.

Campaign Phone (210) 737-8739
Campaign Email trey@treymartinezfischer.com
Experience Texas State Representative 00-16, "10 Best" Legislator, Texas Monthly Magazine 2013, 2015 Friend of Education Award, Texas Classroom Teachers Association Friend of Medicine Award, Texas Medical Association
Facebook @TMFTx
Twitter @TMFTx
Using my experience and legislative skills, I would hold the Leadership accountable on their lack of attention to Public Education. This is precisely what I did in 2013 when I used every legislative tool to force a debate on 5.4 billion dollars in public education cuts. I led the debate that resulted in the restoration of 3.9 billion dollars, and because of my work, I was tasked with the responsibility of negotiating our state's supplemental budget to ensure those funds were accounted for.
1. Eliminate gun show loopholes requiring background checks for gun purchases.

2. Require those convicted of domestic violence and other violent crimes to relinquish their weapons as a condition of punishment

3. Support "Red Flag" laws allowing Law Enforcement or Family members to petition a state court to order the temporary removal of firearms from a person who may present a danger to others or themselves.
1. Allocate a greater percentage of state funding for public education in order to ease the burden on local taxpayers who are paying more.

2. Increase spending on Health Care services for Senior Citizens, Children and those with mental illness and leverage state investments with federal matching dollars to provide care to those who need it.

3. Reprioritize budget strategies to include meaningful investments in Full Day Pre-K Education and the Children's Health Insurance Program.
When drawing fair legislative districts we need a system that takes into account two critical points--Texas' unprecedented growth of it's minority population and Texas' unfortunate history of discrimination against minority voters. There is no other state in America that has endured the Texas experience and we need to be cautious in our approach when looking to other states. I trust our Federal Court system to preside over these matters and fixing our Federal Votings Act is equally important.
Yes, local governments are best suited to tailor local policies to suit the unique needs of their community. What works in one area of the state may vary from adjacent communities and local governments are equipped to adjust their policies to meet the changing needs of their community.
Campaign Phone (210) 560-1455
Campaign Email info@voteforpadron.com
Experience B.A. in Theology and Masters Degree in Public Administration. Pastor and Missionary for over 20 years. Serves as board member for two local nonprofits. Worked as Special Projects Director for the Bexar County Tax Assessor.
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/voteforpadron/
Twitter @fernandopdrn
I support legislation that adequately funds our public schools to ensure quality education. We must link spending on education to responsibility and high standards. Taxpayers deserve efficiency at our schools.
1. Because mental health is a serious issue, I support Improving Mental Health Assessments and Services. 2. I support the removing of state taxpayer dollars to make violent films or video games. 3. I support a red flag law that would allow law enforcement, a family member, school employee, or a district attorney to file a petition seeking the removal of firearms from a potentially dangerous person only after legal due process is provided.
1. Lowering property taxes 2. Removing toll roads and adequately fund our roads. 3. Support law enforcement and legislation that aims at ending human trafficking in Texas.
I support putting a nonpartisan commission in charge of redistricting.
I do not support giving counties additional regulatory authority since it restricts economic growth and prosperity.