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Bexar County Judge

Presiding officer of the Bexar County Commissioners Court as well as the spokesperson and ceremonial head of the county government.

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    Lauro Bustamante

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    Tom Rickhoff

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    Nelson Wolff

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What are the biggest challenges the county faces in the next two years?

Are there any areas in which Bexar County and San Antonio should consider consolidating? Why or why not?

What should be done to deal with the high rates of obesity, teen pregnancy, diabetes and other health issues in Bexar County?

With the area's population expected to grow dramatically over the next several decades, what role can Bexar County have in assuring that it can be accommodated successfully?

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Experience Doctorate of Jurisprudence 35 years practicing Law
We need to go back to the Constitutional principle as interpreted by the founding fathers. Constitutionalism demands that government power be limited and the people be free. This is the only practical path to liberty and prosperity. We have too many laws and regulations that limit our freedom and prosperity We are fighting to many wars around the world. Our two party system is not working we need to focus on smarter, greener, safer, governments Lauro Bustamante
We need Legislative action and referendums to merge, consolidate and unit government Consolidating will distribute the revenue evenly, increase services and reduce taxes city counsel and county commissioners police and sheriffs city and county courts school districts city and county elections housing and transportation health and recreation and many other government offices can become more effective by consolidating Lauro Bustamante

Medicare for everyone, Everyone deserves medical care preexisting conditions should not disqualify people from medical care and coverage preventive medicine and health education outreach programs can lead to healthier community’s accessibility and incentives for healthier phisical and mental health for our youth can reduce obesity and teen pregnancy, diabetes and other health issues Lauro Bustamante
We must learn from others what works. We need to look and smart city movements, state of the art transportation, Artificial intelligence in health, security, and our environment. Jobs and education for now and the future to better our quality of life. Lauro Bustamante
Campaign Phone (210) 852-9848
Campaign Email judgetomrickhoff@gmail.com
Experience Awarded the Bronze Star and Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry. Retired LTC JAGC USAR, Organized Crime Federal Prosecutor for Mafia and White-Collar Crimes.
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/judgetomrickhoff
Twitter Tom Rickhoff @tomrickhoff44
$3.6 Billion debt, largest in TX, county hospital, 2nd largest. One real estate downturn and we can’t pay debt, services, public safety, roads…

Irrational/corrupt appraisals. Marriott built for $600 Million, was granted abatement and $275 Million appraisal. The County Judge named a convention room there for himself. Computers could scan rolls to auto-reduce appraisals.

No Bexar ethics rules, contractors give Millions to Commissioners and Linebarger hires Kevin Wolff's wife after contract vote
The county must divorce the city. While the county amassed $3.6 Billion in bad debt, using certificates of obligation because they do not require voter approval, the city’s bonds and tax abatements are exclusively for downtown developers but are paid equally by suburbs. Since 1962, forward-thinking politicians championed city/county consolidation, this was defeated by politicians who would lose jobs and power. Having 1 police force would be better than 9 (Sheriff, Constables, schools, parks....)
This question betrays its bias by assuming county taxpayers must purchase a solution for endless social problems like obesity. County government is archaic, created by the State and has limited duties. We’re $3.6 Billion in debt through millions in wasteful spending e.g. the opera, ballet, symphony, Alameda, an “un-built” Plethora goddess statue, $18 Million soccer field worth $13 Million, the cesspool San Pedro creek….the Wolff pack is feeding on tax dollars. Waste prevents new solutions.
We are not entirely a traffic and planning disaster like Austin, yet. But the failure of advanced planning, particularly for roads and infrastructure, fueled by campaign finance corruption, have created a moneyocracy which favors elite developers and over-building with tax abatements. This will retard growth. Abatements and debt are disproportionally paid for by homeowners, particularly in suburbs. I encourage you to visit my website, Retire Nelson Wolff at https://retirenelsonwolff.com/
Campaign Phone (210) 446-4239
Campaign Email nelson@bexar.org
Experience Texas House of Representatives, 1971 – 1973 Texas Senate, 1973 – 1975 City of San Antonio City Council, 1987 – 1991 Mayor of City of San Antonio, 1991 – 1995 County Judge of Bexar County, 2001 – Present BA Business Administration, St. Mary’s University JD, St. Mary’s University School of Law History of local family owned and operated businesses.
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/JudgeNelsonWolff/
Twitter https://twitter.com/judge_wolff
The biggest challenge facing the county is growth, which will increase demand for services like housing, jobs, & education. We expect one million new residents & potentially 500,000 new vehicles on our roads, so we must address traffic congestion. Our system must evolve to a system that integrates demand-driven bus, van & car routes, partnerships with rideshare, taxis, and newer innovations such as scooters and driverless cars. Bexar County will continue to invest in roads and highways.
We have contracts with the City to consolidate services such as the Crime and Forensics Labs, & Public Safety Communication Systems. Partnerships are also a great alternative to consolidation. Bexar County partners with the City of San Antonio on several initiatives, including: · Transportation · Libraries · Criminal Justice · Air Quality · Opioid Epidemic · Protection of Joint Base San Antonio

There are other areas such as the magistrate’s office that needs to be consolidated or partnered on.
The Mission Reach River Improvements Project provides many miles of hike-and-bike trails for residents to use for exercise and healthy living.

University Health System and Bexar County are also working on building a state-of-the-art freestanding Women and Children’s Inpatient Tower in the Medical Center.

In 2015, Bexar County launched the Bexar Healthy Beverage Coalition aimed at educating citizens about the unhealthy side effects of consuming too much sugar through beverages.
Bexar County does not have zoning authority, so accommodating growth through regulation is not an option for Bexar County.

UHS will continue to expand its community clinics and hospitals to accommodate health care needs of our growing population. Bexar County works to improve and expand highways and roadways.

Bexar County has added 2 new Sheriff substations on the east and west sides of the County to accommodate for growth in those area.