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Justice of the Peace, Pct. No. 3 Pl. 1

Elected for 4-year terms and hear minor civil and criminal cases such as evictions, small claims and debt claims. They also perform marriages.

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    Eric J. Velasquez

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    Jeff Wentworth

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Please describe what combination of education, motivation and experience qualifies you for the office.

What suggestions do you have to combat truancy?

The duties of the Justice of the Peace are extensive. Which, in your opinion, are the most important and why?

Campaign Email eric.velasquezforjp@gmail.com
Experience Interpreting articles set in place for procedure enforcement. Military Service.
Facebook www.facebook.com/ericvforjp3 Instagram: ericjasonvelasquezforjp3
Twitter @ericvforjp3
Growing up in south San Antonio, I learned circumstances do not set the boundaries for my decisions. My background entails community service, understanding what problems arise with certain personal issues and coming to conclusions which is fair for both parties. Being a man of faith, I recognize that my decisions can have a lasting consequence and people can change with a second chance. I served in the military as an aircraft engine specialist doing detailed oriented work. Serving a tour in Iraq, I handled security; investigated and resolved issues that would arise in a hostile environment.
Truancy can be solved with different approaches. Individuality and communication is key, starting from first contact with parents, friends, teachers etc. to redirect truancy behavior. Structures need to be in place to not reprimand but to reconstruct directions of youth. There needs to be a balance of consequences, accountability and letting children know that without solid boundaries, it could lead to problems and impact their future.
Duties as a JP bind the principles of our precinct. Truancy invests in our youth as they will be the next generation that will be working and living in San Antonio. Residents’ and landlords’ cases are distinguishing fair business practices, and the rights of tenants and landlords. Traffic violations, which most people will experience at least once in their lifetime, remind us of established regulations and safety for all San Antonio’s citizens. As a judge, I am making decisions and interpretations to hopefully benefit the future community of San Antonio.
Campaign Phone (210) 260-6282
Campaign Email ejeffrey@swbell.net
I have a law degree and have been licensed to practice law in Texas for over 40 years. In addition, I now have nearly six years' experience as a sitting judge in Bexar County, having presided over thousands of cases, both bench trials and jury trials. As a state senator for 20 years, I served as chairman of the Senate Jurisprudence Committee which had statewide jurisdiction over the judicial branch of Texas state government and served four years as a member of the Texas Judicial Council.
Truancy cases in Bexar County are handled by municipal court, not justice court, so this question is better directed to municipal court judges. Having said that, however, truancy is fundamentally a responsibility of the student and his or her parents, not a judge. And truancy is best handled by the student's parents and his or her school, not a court.
Every case that comes before me is important to the person or persons standing before the bench, whether it involves a criminal misdemeanor charge or a forcible entry and detainer or a contested civil matter up to $10,000 -- and I hear dozens of those cases each week. Litigants in my court are treated with courtesy and respect, and I listen carefully to each side before making as fair and just a decision as possible.