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Bexar County Court-at-Law No. 14

Judges serve 4 years and hear misdemeanor crimes, mostly DWI cases.

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    Carlo Key

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    Susan Skinner

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How would you make your court (or the court you are running for) more efficient?

Please explain your thoughts on recidivism and how your court can reduce repeat incarcerations.

Do you think that judicial races should be non-partisan? Why or why not?

Campaign Phone (210) 740-0072
Campaign Email carlokey@gmail.com
Experience Over 15 years daily experience in our local courthouse as a prosecutor, defense attorney and county court at law judge.
Facebook facebook.com/judgecarlokey
Twitter @Judge_Key
While on the bench, I ran one of the most efficient misdemeanor criminal courts in Bexar County. I did this by: working hard, making myself accessible, prioritizing communication between parties, and limiting my county expenses. If a judge does these things, they can dispose of a high-rate of cases with a low cost per disposition.
Recidivism occurs primarily for two reasons: substance abuse or some form of mental illness. The only way to attempt to affect recidivism is to identify the cause and use available resources to eliminate these causes on a case-by-case basis. This requires patience, sympathy, an ability to see through deception and manipulation, and a certain degree of "street" intuition. It is a tedious, exhaustive process with criminal dockets that may exceed 4000 defendants, but one that I loved.
Absolutely. The very nature of a judge is to be neutral, detached and free of any political encumbrances. I am running for a county court at law bench and I have rejected all donations from local attorneys that will come before me. This is my small attempt to make a difference and to show the voter I am committed to unbiased justice for all which free of "political debt".
Campaign Phone (210) 621-3620
Campaign Email susanskinnerlawyer@gmail.com
Experience 7 yrs Criminal Defense Attorney; 16 yrs Bexar County Asssistant Criminal District Attorney; 7 yrs Bexar County Adult Probation Officer & Supervisor; Child Protective Services Caseworker; Foster Parent
Facebook 1) Judge Susan Skinner 2) Susan Campbell Skinner
Proper court administration begins with a judge who is willing to work hard every day. I have resolved over 8000 cases and cut the docket by 40%. I will continue to work hard to ensure cases are timely heard. Upon taking the bench, I created the first Animal Abuse Docket in Bexar County due to the discovery of a backlog of these cases in the court system. Through hard work the backlog was eliminated. I will continue to preside over these important case and give them the attention they deserve.
As a misdemeanor judge I am in a unique position to strongly impact first-time offenders from re-offending and advancing to the felony level. It is imperative to identify the underlying reason for committing the crime, such as peer pressure, mental illness, substance abuse, unemployment, lack of education or job skills. If not identified there is a greater likelihood of recidivism. I work closely with several agencies to identify and address the underlying reasons to help ensure rehabilitation.
I believe judges should be elected in non-partisan races, such as the City council and mayoral races. A bi-partisan election becomes a race based upon political affiliation, rather than electing the most qualified candidate. Judges are elected to be fair and impartial and uphold the law, and party affiliations should have no bearing on judicial decisions. A non-partisan judicial election will ensure the focus is on each candidate's qualifications and experience.