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Bexar County Court-at-Law No. 4

Judges serve 4 years and hear misdemeanor crimes, mostly DWI cases.

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    Jason Garrahan

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    Alfredo Ximenez

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How would you make your court (or the court you are running for) more efficient?

Please explain your thoughts on recidivism and how your court can reduce repeat incarcerations.

Do you think that judicial races should be non-partisan? Why or why not?

Campaign Phone (210) 335-2426
Campaign Email jason.garrahan@gmail.com
Experience Over 150 jury trials, criminal and civil, as an attorney and sitting judge. Owned and operated private restaurant, Hungry Farmer Steakhouse on Blanco Road 1997-2009. Bexar County Assistant Criminal District Attorney 10 years and Special Prosecutor for Wilson County.
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I have reduced the active caseload in Court #4 from 1600 to 900 per average monthly active caseload, a difference of 700 active cases per month on average. The current waiting time to have a jury trial is only 30-45 days, reduced from 1 year or more wait time. This means less time and money is used on pretrial supervision and justice is delivered fairly and efficiently for all participants, state and the accused.
At the county court level of punishment the key is rehabilitation and support for those that want or need direction. Working with probation and pretrial supervision, and outside sources, help reduce recidivism. Each case is unique, just as each of us is unique, and a judge should take the time to see that each person is getting the correct assessment. Jail time and jail sanctions are also a tools that can be used if other more supportive, rehabilitative sources fail.
Yes, I believe judicial races should be non-partisan. I always say, "I follow the law, not politics." A judge should never use politics on the bench to determine a case. A judge needs to be knowledgeable in the law, fair, and impartial. It is simple, know the law, follow the law.
Campaign Phone (210) 277-1807
Campaign Email Aximenezb@aol.com
Experience Licensed 15+ years in all state courts and 2 US Federal Districts.
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Effectively moving cases by making more time available accommodating attorneys , probation staff, and court staff to actively resolve and move cases. Have an open door policy for people to feel comfortable enough to come in and discuss issues which may be hindering or slowing resolution of cases. Have less time with unnecessary formalities which only cause to slow cases management down. Be a judge of the people and always be accessible when needed.
I believe we need a proactive approach to recidivism. A judge should be involved with his community. I would make it a point to make periodic random visits to individuals who have been placed on probation out of my court. Not for purposes of policing but to let the person know I care and want to help them. Participate with them in community service, graffiti clean up, possibly sit in a DWI class, etc. Let people know I'm just like them and want to encourage them to succeed and will help them.
I dont think judicial races should be non-partisan. I believe a person should stand on a belief and show some allegiance to a cause and furtherance thereof. I feel it's important we not lose our identity and fade into the background. We are labeled in every aspect of our lives, women, men, young. old, gay, straight, etc. Political affiliation is equally important and should remain as is.