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Bexar County Court-at-Law No. 9

Judges serve 4 years and hear misdemeanor crimes, mostly DWI cases.

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    Gloria Saldaña

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    Walden Shelton

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How would you make your court (or the court you are running for) more efficient?

Please explain your thoughts on recidivism and how your court can reduce repeat incarcerations.

Do you think that judicial races should be non-partisan? Why or why not?

Campaign Phone (210) 815-4285
Campaign Email judgesaldana@gmail.com
Experience Bexar County Child Support Enforcement 90-94; private practice 94- 2006; Elected Judge: 224th District Court; 438th District Court; presiding by assignment: general jurisdiction courts, 4th and 6th Judicial Regions; Certified Mediator; Certified Arbitrator; Presided, CPS Family Drug Court & EIC Program ; Member, local/civic Boards of Directors
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Everyone deserves justice, not just assembly-line plea bargains (quick/ easy for courts, but real justice?) Most courts offer defendants two options: plea bargain (unjust?) or jury trial, (due process/ too lengthy). I offer a third option: non-jury "bench" trials. I am most qualified by 27+ years attorney and judicial experience (daily bench trials) to provide efficient, fair, speedy and least costly bench trials ( constitutional rights=justice). No time for marriages in this court.
Saw recidivism decrease in juvenile law and Child Protection Cases where Restorative Justice implemented; witnessed heroic success in family reunification and very low recidivism rates. Criminal specialty courts have had success. My Restorative Justice research implicates some appropriate use, reducing incarceration rates, seeking justice, and reducing expense. My state, federal, administrative and special court experience enhanced ability to apply the law equitably and effectively.
Courts play a very important role in our Country; they exist to protect our rights; ideally election is non-partisan.Partisanship may create undue conflict, but the conflict can be beneficial involving fundamental functions of Democracy, e.g. exercise of free speech, more citizen and voter participation and personalized appreciation of our Democratic values. Constitutional protections provide recusal of judges where partisanship is an issue.
Campaign Email info@judgeshelton.com
Experience Judge, County Court at Law No 9, January 2011 to Present. Owner, Law Office of Walden E. Shelton, Jr., December 2002 to December 2010. Member, Cartall Law Firm, January 1999 to November 2002
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/judgeshelton/
I see innovation leading to efficiency--being the first Bexar County Judge to use Portable Alcohol Monitoring; drafting the Standard Blood and Breath Discovery Orders that has created efficiency in every County Court hearing DWI cases; and integrating standard business practices to the back office that helped to reduce 760 backlogged cases and collect over $5.4 million in Restitution, Fines and Court Costs. My Court has been in first place for fiscal years 2015 to 2018.
I try very hard to keep Recidivism to a minimum. By using a TAIP evaluation in each DWI and Controlled Substance case, we’re able to identify which defendants are dependent on Alcohol or other substances and offer them an addiction treatment plan. For all other offenses, we offer counseling as part of their probation to try to change their behavior. I require Defendants to obtain either a High School diploma or GED so that they can be better prepared to return to the community.
It would be best if Judges were elected in non-partisan elections. Legal issues are not decided based on partisan basis, but by faithfully following the Constitution of the United States and Texas and the laws as written by the legislature, which is how I have ruled for the past eight years.