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Justice, 2nd Court of Appeals District, Place 5

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    Dabney Bassel

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    Delonia A. Watson

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What, if anything, should be done to improve access to justice for low income residents in civil and criminal cases?

What can and should be done to run the court more effectively and efficiently to provide swift justice?

How will you maintain impartiality, given the necessity of raising funds for political campaigns?

What other issues do you believe will be most pressing in the District courts, and how would you address them?

Phone (817) 989-6485
Website https://dabneyforjudge.com/
Occupation lawyer-specializing in appellate matters
Education B.A. Trinity University J.D. Baylor University School of Law
Experience 35 yrs. of litigation and appellate exper. Have been involved in more than a hundred civil and criminal appeals. Board Certified in Civil Appellate Law by the Texas Bd. of Legal Specialization since 2001-less than .5% of Tex. lawyers hold cert.
To improve access to justice in civil cases, other courts should look to the program of the Second Court of Appeals that assists parties who do not have a lawyer. How a party can access the program may be found at: www.tex-app.org/DrawOnePage.aspx?PageID=83. I am proud to have worked on this program.
Justices on the Court of Appeals face two challenges—deciding appeals correctly and timely. The first challenge requires: 1) careful consideration of the arguments; 2) care in the preparation of opinions; and 3) an open-mind to the views of the other justices. The second challenge requires the dedication to make sure the parties have their appeals resolved timely.
My guiding principles on the bench will be honesty and a commitment to a judicial philosophy that dictates total fidelity to the rule of law. Certainly, I am grateful to everyone who has supported my campaign. But the cases of those who supported me will receive the same treatment as everyone else’s—a fair and timely resolution based on the law and the facts.
I am running for an appellate court bench and not a District Court bench. Again, my focus on doing the job of an appellate judge will be the timely and correct resolution of the appeals that I might hear.
Phone (817) 809-6640
Website deloniawatson4justice.com
Occupation Attorney
Education S.B. in Chemical Engineering, MIT J.D., Harvard Law School
Experience 34 years specializing in Appellate Advocacy/3.5 years as an Asst. Dist. Attorney (before the 2nd Court of Appeals and the TX Court of Criminal Appeals) 25 years as an Asst. U. S. Attorney, including as Appellate Chief/4.5 years in private practice
Local bar associations should be encouraged to offer clinics to low income residents in various areas of the law. Also, there should be more emphasis on attorneys providing pro bono assistance to those in need,
Until elected, I cannot answer this question. I need to be part of the process so that I can see where improvements can be made.
I will have no difficulty maintaining impartiality. Although I have not formally banned donations from attorneys, I have received most of my donations from non-attorneys thus far. I have received no donations from corporations or businesses, and do not anticipate receiving such donations.
I am running for a seat on the Court of Appeals. This question is not applicable to me and my campaign.