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City Representative, District 5

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    Isabel Salcido

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    Jason K. Osborne

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    John B. Hogan

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    Kizito Ekechukwu

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Biographical Information

What should be the primary role of a City Representative?

What are your plans or priorities for future economic development?

How would you describe your commitment to governmental transparency?

Some people in our community say that we have traffic problems. What do you think? How would you mitigate those concerns or change the situation?

If you could change one thing in our zoning code, what would it be and why?

If elected, what three steps would you take to put our city on a firmer financial footing?

What is the primary issue of concern that motivated you to enter the race for Councilman?

If you received a $1 million grant to use for the city any way you wanted, what would you do with it and why?

Campaign Phone (915) 355-1428
Education/Degrees Bachelor of Business Administration Finance and Computer Information Systems
Professional Experience Realtor Business Owner
Community Involvement Board Member, Shine On El Paso
Council members are the voice of community. City council members determine, debate and approve the city budget as well as the local tax rate. Beyond the budget, they also create short term and long term goals for growth, land use development, capital improvements and strategic planning. In El Paso, since we have a city manager form of government, we also oversee the duties of our city manager.
District 5 has grown exponentially in the past 10 years. However, we are still in need of infrastructure development to meet the needs of home owners and business owners. The need for first responders and the need for better traffic solutions make our communities safer.
Transparency builds trust. Although, many times people disagree about how to move forward, transparency in city decisions in important to maintaining trust with our community.
District 5 is in need of alleviating traffic congestion in major intersections. The city must continue working with our state and federal partners to look at solutions for improving our roadways.
Improving the processes to zoning approvals would be more efficient and less costly.
As a realtor, I know the business of owning a home very well. I know that many times our home owners feel overwhelmed by the increase in taxes. Increasing commercial investment in El Paso allows our community to grow our tax base and help share the burden with home owners. I want to work hard on council to make sure we are taking the right steps to attracting well paying jobs to our areas as well as attracting bigger businesses to relocate to our city.
I live in District 5 and own businesses in the district. I have seen the growth in my area over the past decade and I truly believe that our district deserves more. They deserve better streets, an Eastside Regional Command Center and a comprehensive Eastside Master Plan.
I would put that investment towards and Eastside Regional Command Center and improve our local parks.
Campaign Phone (915) 217-6257
Twitter @Osborne4ELP
Education/Degrees Bachelors of Science in Psychology
Professional Experience Border Patrol Agent 7 years • 5 in special operations • Tactical medic • Intelligence agent • Chemical, Biological, Nuclear, and Explosive instructor • Less Lethal Instructor • Use of Force Instructor High school Teacher for 3 years • US history teacher • 94% pass rate on STAAR exam • Debate coach • High school football coach • High school baseball coach • High school golf coach
Community Involvement As a law enforcement officer and teacher, I have dedicated my adult life to community improvement and involvement. I have always acted with altruistic purposes, so I never considered keeping track of all the projects and good I have done in the community. Since, I decided to run for office I have: saved a lost and disoriented elderly women, submitted plans to use state and federal funds to improve a park in a low income neighborhood, worked with child development organizations to address the needs of our children, and collaborated with experts in different fields to get more value out of our tax dollars. Once elected, I will continue to improve our great city.
I feel that a city representative’s job is to listen to our constituents and make sure our needs and wants are taken care of in an efficient and effective manner.
We have great talent here in EL Paso especially in district 5. We need to provide opportunities for our talent and local small businesses to develop and flourish. I would accomplish this by: providing lower cost procurement projects, flat commercial rental rate for El Paso based small businesses, business mentoring programs, educational programs, and better city marketing. How I am going to do this. El Paso has been using tax increment reinvestment zones (TIRZ) for large scale projects. I would utilize TIRZ for small scale community projects. This would create small scale projects that would support our small businesses, improve infrastructure, provide collaborative opportunities, and create identities for our neighborhoods. This would make El Paso more marketable to attract tourist dollars to our neighborhoods. I feel this will partner great with our large scale projects to maximize our potential. Which this great city has a ton of.
My life is an open book and I do not have a problem with criticism. I actually prefer to use Email and document all my conversations because I can go back and reference them. I feel when you have altruistic reasons for doing something you should not want to hide it. Being a law enforcement officer and teacher, I not only preached accountability I live it.
Our traffic situation is not severe, but It can be improved. The main issue is for some reason when the roads were built they did not anticipate growth and now we have to go back and fix it. This is very costly and time consuming. I will be on top of this issue making sure we build with the anticipation of growth.
When zoning is an issue, my main concern is that large manufacturing businesses are not polluting and contaminating our residential areas.
I will make sure are large scale projects are done effective and efficiently. Implement the small scale TIRZ to rebuild our neighborhoods and building small business. Attract more quality jobs from big business. This combination will keep our local money here instead of going to large corporations. It will also attract outside revenue sources to the area. This takes time and I will have the courage and patience to see it through.
I love the people and the city of El Paso. I feel we deserve a better quality of representation. This city is too important to have a representative one day a week or to be sold out to special interest and businesses. We need reasonable solutions to our issues that benefit all El Pasoans. I know the sacrifices and dedication public service takes and have been extremely successful in public service. I wanted to see if a quality candidate would emerge and I was sadden to see that it did not happen. Once, I realized that I was not just the best person for the job but truly the only candidate worthy to be a representative for district 5, it was time to act.
I would donate the money to youth sports groups. I believe that we need to invest more into our children and sports are a great way to do that. A well organized and coached sports program can have a positive long term impact on a community. Sports, if done correctly, develops our children to be productive law abiding citizens. A good youth program teaches traits like team work, hard work, dedication, loyalty, and community engagement. I was fortunate enough that when I was young I had great coaches and programs. Those experiences helped shaped me into the person I am today and I am forever grateful for those coaches. I feel as a city we can do more to support our youth. If we do not invest to support our young we have to invest in law enforcement and prison systems when they are adults. In my experience, it is far more rewarding and a far better investment to give a young person an opportunity to stay off the streets than to arrest adults on the streets.
Campaign Phone (915) 433-5180
Education/Degrees High School Diploma -- Eastwood High School Associate in Civil Engineering Technologies -- Community College of the Air Force BBA in Real Estate -- UTEP BBA in Marketing -- UTEP
Professional Experience Site Development Specialist -- U.S. Air Force Partner in Garcia and Associates Advertising Agency Owner / Operator of Big O Tires Franchise BDC and Internet Manager -- Dick Poe Motors Internet Marketing and Sales Manager -- Hoy Fox Automotive Owner / Operator Internet Champs Consulting
Community Involvement Past Member Moose Lodge 2641 Past Member Lions Five Points Lions Club
In my view, the primary role of a city representative should be that of a communicator and action initiator on behalf of not only his district of constituents, but on behalf of all the citizens in the city. It is NOT his function to dictate or initiate his own agendas, but rather to receive the concerns and requests of his constituency and become the funnel by which priorities are assigned and carried out. Too often I think this has been forgotten and turned around after election time.
My plans are to review the current plans and tactics that are already in progress to see where greater efficiencies can be implemented. If there are beneficial things already in the pipeline there is no need to toss them out, yet there is, I believe, a need for a broader use of interlevel cooperation between our local, state, and federal governments in creating more opportunities on which to move and take action. Our city has been shooting too high and wasting time or shooting too low and getting the same results. We need a realistic approach to promoting the good points that we already have and making those work for us without creating huge expenses that so far have yielded no results. We have plenty to offer to companies looking to expand their operations in manufacturing, technical, and other fields. We should also look into creating an environment that nurtures the new entrepreneurs that are graduating and moving elsewhere for opportunity. Remember, Apple started out in a garage.
One of my biggest complaints about our city government is that they always keep saying that they are transparent when they are anything BUT transparent. I would commit to holding all discussions between representatives prior to a vote in the open in city council public meeting chambers except in the case where the issues could create unfair financial benefits to a select few people such as in the case of speculative land purchases. A more welcomed public creates a more involved public. The more involved the public becomes, the greater the capacity we have for advancement and prosperity within our city.
The more our city continues to push outward, the greater the traffic problems are going to become. However, that being said, there needs to be a move to create roadways capable of handling the movement of all the people that are projected to live in these expanses in advance of complete development and occupancy of those areas. We never seem to build adequate main thoroughfares until the congestion becomes unbearable and at that point, it makes it even more unbearable to dodge the orange barrels
I would love to review and enhance wherever possible the infill development guidelines to make it very attractive to developers and builders to make use of all properties that have left open gaps between already developed areas especially those that have been left empty for twenty years of more. The more we make use of these properties, the more tax revenue is generated and concentrated in a smaller area without needing to raise tax rates and therefore allows us to eliminate the need for debt.
My first step would be to call for a total review line for line of our current fiscal year's budget. It is a 937-page document that represents on average over a million dollars a page. It is amazing to me that we have become so used to throwing that word "million" around like it didn't really mean anything. One million dollars represents an expense of more than a dollar per citizen; even those who are children, the elderly, and the disabled who can't work. Right now our city has $2.6 BILLION in debt and a tax rate of over 84 cents per thousand in property value. Of that 84 cents, 29 cents is going to debt service where in the not so distant past we had a tax rate of 63 cents per thousand and only 20 cents going to debt. Needs Only for Now.
I am sixty two years of age. I have lived in this city for over forty eight of those years. I have seen good policy in many of those years practiced by our elected officials. But for the past fifteen years we have been rapidly falling into the trap of running after the carrot on the stick. And it hasn't had any substance or grounding in reality that has led us to this point, but rather a series of mayors and representatives who have been all too willing to try this and try that based on nothing more than a slick sales job from an outside consultant or on the marching orders from those who have financially backed their political campaigns. I am too old to worry about this anymore and complain with my friends rather than stepping up to the plate and taking my best shot at helping to right the rudder on this ship.

I know that I have protected myself over my forty-five years of being in the full-time workforce and running businesses, but what about those who weren't as well prepared?
If we received a $1 million grant with no strings attached and all that had to be decided was how to spend it, I would first call a meeting, then perhaps two or three follow up meetings just so I got what I thought was fair and plentiful input from all of my constituents. In these meetings, I would only be a moderator and a note taker. I would offer no input unless asked because that is like taking a survey and asking slanted questions.

Since these ideas would come from the constituents, it would be then a good idea to vet the ideas to see if there are no unintended consequences if the money were to be spent this way or that way. This would be done through a committee or maybe even two. You see, I intend to make sure that District 5 becomes a perfect example of what life can be like if we all work together and the people feel they have a real stake in the game instead of just going through the motions and then having the politician do whatever the heck he wants anyway.
Campaign Phone (915) 275-3614
Education/Degrees John F Kennedy high school & the university of Phoenix bachelors in environmental science
Professional Experience Currently an Auditor for guardian angel home health and pharmacy. Was the administrative assistant at terry learning center
Community Involvement I have volunteered at all these places and more- Candle lighters, ElPaso parks and recreation, saint Kizito foundation/ Saint Vincent de Paul, saint Theresa nursing home. Every year I try to give out hundreds of candy bags to the kids at candlelighters and I plan on doing that this year as well at their Christmas party
The primary role of a City Representative is to be the voice and represent constituents. As a City Representative you should look at the city as a whole. Review city goals, major projects and infrastructure, strategic planning, community growth, and its effects.
My priorities and plans for future economic development is to improve the community and local economy by creating employment, business support services, industrial parks, local training initiatives, business retention and expansion projects, and supply gap analysis, along with increasing safety in the city.
Transparency is the first step in fighting corruption. I personally believe that my commitment to government transparency is a big deal as a city representative. Being able to provide good records management system, financial regulations and monitoring systems would decrease corruption. As a local governance should mean less scope for corruption, in that dishonest behavior would become more easily detectable, punished, and discourage in the future.
Traffic congestion is a major concern in any large growing metropolitan area. Although govt May never elevate these challenges, there are several things cities can do. Congestion is an indicator of success. I would like to create an efficient operation that would allow traffic to flow smoother, so it doesn't cripple our economy. I plan to create public transit in these areas and by creating maybe 5 bus rides per person will help re
I would not change anything from the zoning code. I believe there should be regulations followed when constructing a building, home, etc
If elected the three steps that would put our city on a firmer financial footing would be: manage all the cash flow and build a budget that works, eliminate debts that drag down unnecessary debt expenses, and invest in the right investments. One of the main things I would invest my time and money into would be giving more tax incentives. One of the first thing you can do is avoid unnecessary charges and increase financial stability.
I believe I am a wise man and I know I can create a big positive impact in my district. What motivated me to enter the race for councilman is knowing that I have ability and the accountability to create a change in our community and continue moving it forward. City council is a full-time job, not a part time job and I am young, energized and ready to lead.
If I have a $1 million grant to use for the city I would definitely focus on and invest in public safety. I will also aim to promote private and public investment to serve low income communities. A million dollars will be a step towards the right vision for the future and make an incredible difference for all communities. I would create youth organizations to keep the kids out of trouble and focus on positive things. I would create a recreation center in District 5 to keep the community active. Also, I would invest in free rides for anyone who’s intoxicated and is under the influence of alcohol to bring down our drinking and driving rate. I’ve been hearing about deadly deaths that were caused by people who were intoxicated. I believe this will be a big impact for El Paso. I would love to also involve the dialogue between officials and the community to find and support social innovations