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Collin County District Attorney

4-year term. Must be 18 years or older, a U.S. citizen, a practicing lawyer, a resident of Texas, and a resident of the district represented. Represents the citizens of Collin County in prosecuting misdemeanor and felony crimes, and acts as legal counsel for county government.

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    Greg Willis

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Improvements: What changes would you like to implement in this position?

Prevention: What measures would you support, if any, to reduce the crime rate?

Growth: What challenges will the continuing growth of Collin County present to the District Attorney’s office, and how would you address them?

Other Issues: What other issues do you believe will be most pressing in Collin County, and what is your position on these issues?

Education Baylor University with honors 1986 University of Virginia School of Law 1991
Experience Collin County District Attorney (2011-present); Judge, Collin County Court at Law No. 6 (2005-2009); Child Advocate of Year (2015); TX Superlawyer (2004, 2005); Bd of Dir., TDCAA; Bd of Dir. Children's Adv. Center; fmr CCBA Pres; Opioids Task Force
Twitter @gregwillisda
Campaign Phone (469) 235-9555
I believe we can continue to leverage the potential of new technologies to more effectively and efficiently fight crime in Collin County. For instance, I believe the wide-spread usage of body worn cameras by Collin County law enforcement has the potential to transform policing (and prosecution) to a more modern and professional standard. Also, I believe that we can make better use of cloud-based data storage and transfer to more effectively collect law enforcement information and more efficiently transfer it to all the necessary stakeholders in the criminal justice system.
Although crime suppression is largely a function of effective policing, I believe the District Attorney can support this effort. Specifically, as the police move towards intelligence-led policing strategies that target the most prolific and violent offenders (so-called “Impact Offenders”) in their cities, we as prosecutors can leverage that information to ensure that these offenders don’t evade justice at the courthouse. That’s why under my leadership, the District Attorney’s Office has increased the communication and intelligence sharing between us and our police agencies so we can proactively identify these “Impact Offenders” for prosecution.
The greatest challenge that our growth presents to a District Attorney is how to continue to keep the public safe from violent and habitual offenders and yet also be a good steward of the taxpayer’s money. The ability for a District Attorney to effectively and efficiently distinguish between those offenders who need incarceration (either pre-trial or post-trial) versus those that don’t, is the core competency for today’s fiscally-responsible conservative prosecutor. This competency can only be achieved by the type of hard-earned experience I possess.
How to keep Collin County’s best days ahead of us. A prosecutor’s sworn duty is to seek justice, not just convictions. But justice is not a one-size-fits-all proposition. It could mean the death penalty for some & a diversion program for others. Stephen Covey famously said that we should begin things with the end in mind. For evildoers, it's to make them pay for their horrific crimes, to lock them up where they’ll be unable to rape another child or kill another person. For surviving victims & loved ones of murder victims, it's for them is to get them from a place of pain, sorrow, & heartache, to a place of peace, safety, & resilience. To gently guide them through a criminal justice process that's often confusing & even hostile to their interests. For young, nonviolent offenders who wish to own their conduct & change their ways , it's to give them a hand up; to grant them the opportunity & support to acquire life & job skills: to responsibly journey from burden to blessing.