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District Court Judge 219th

4-year term. Must be 25 years or older, a U.S. citizen, a practicing lawyer, a resident of Texas, and a resident of the district represented. Responsible for cases including felony criminal cases, civil cases with higher amounts of controversy, and family law matters.

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    Jennifer Edgeworth

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Efficiency: What methods do you support, if any, to increase the efficiency of the District Court?

Consistency: How will you ensure consistent application of law in the District Court?

Growth: What challenges will the continuing growth of the county present to the district courts, and how would you address them?

Access to Justice: What, if anything, should be done to improve access to justice for low income residents in civil and criminal cases?

Other Issues: What other issues do you believe will be most pressing in the District Courts, and how would you address them?

Education Baylor University: Joint MBA and Law Degree, 1999; Texas Christian University (TCU): Bachelor of Business Administration, cum laude
Experience Seventeen years as an attorney managing complex lawsuits involving millions of dollars in damages, and setting budgets for those cases. Lead attorney on over 200 cases. Handled family law cases and served children as a guardian ad litem.
Campaign Phone (469) 277-3392
Some of the best ways to expedite trials and cut down on litigation costs are for judges to issue a scheduling order and set a trial date early on, hear and rule on motions promptly, not allow for discovery disputes to drag on, and not allow for multiple continuances of a trial date. Costs grow exponentially when judges do not impose deadlines on parties to move their cases forward and will not hear or will not rule on motions and discovery disputes. The District Courts should also work hard to ensure that criminal cases are resolved within a year. It costs $80 a day to house a prisoner in the Collin County jail. In criminal cases, this District Court has prisoners who have been in jail more than a year without a trial or resolution, which costs the taxpayers a significant amount of money and is not justice served for the person in jail or for the victim seeking a determination of innocence or guilt.
The judicial process must be fair and transparent for all individuals, regardless of their income, background, or social status. I will ensure consistent application of the law by fairly applying the law to the facts presented and making a ruling. I will follow the U.S Constitution and the Texas Constitution. I also believe that a judge must exercise judicial restraint, not judicial activism.
Collin County is experiencing unprecedented growth. As more companies move their corporate headquarters and/or businesses to the county, we will see more civil law cases filed. As more homes are built and families move to the area, we will see more family law cases filed. And by virtue of having more people in the county, we will see more criminal law cases filed. This places an even greater responsibility on the District Court judges to handle their cases efficiently. Referencing back to the question regarding increasing the efficiency of the District Courts, judges must issue scheduling orders and set trial dates early and rule promptly on motions and discovery disputes, and must work hard to ensure criminal cases are set and heard for trial or resolved within a year.
Collin County has many legal aid clinics and opportunities for attorneys to volunteer their time pro bono (without pay). I believe all attorneys should take on some pro bono cases, and I have personally handled pro bono cases through the volunteer attorney programs in Dallas and Collin County. If not contributing time, I think law firms and attorneys should contribute funds to equal access to justice campaigns.
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