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Collin County Judge

4 year term. Must be 18 years or older, a U.S. citizen, a resident of Texas, and a resident of the district represented. Responsible for presiding over the Collin County Commissioners Court, which conducts the general business of the county and oversees financial matters.

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    Chris Hill

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    Danyell Lanier

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Budget: What areas of the budget would you like to see increased or decreased during the next term?

Growth: What challenges will the growth of the county present, and how would you address them?

Poverty/Homelessness: What, if anything, should be done to meet low income residents’ basic needs, such as mental health care and housing, and reduce homelessness in the county?

Transportation: What are the main transportation issues in the county, and how should they be addressed?

Emergency Preparedness: What does the county need to do to be prepared for and provide emergency services and funding after natural disasters?

Other Issues: What other issues do you believe will be most pressing in the county, and what is your position on these issues?

Education The University of Texas at Dallas (MS, Accounting); Webster University (MBA); Columbia Biblical Seminary (MA, Master of Pastoral Leadership); Texas A&M University at Commerce (BS, Political Science)
Twitter @TeamChrisHill
Campaign Phone (214) 444-3064
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Education High School Graduate 1994, Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Management ( September 2018)
Experience United States Navy Veteran with experience in Finance and Accounting, Global Logistics. As a trainer I foster partnerships between the private sector and everyday citizens. I specialize in Medicare, Medicaid and Veterans services
Campaign Phone (469) 452-9755
Our current budget has been well maintained with reserve. I plan to maintain that for our Collin county citizens. I am proud to say that Collin County has been nationally recognized in the past in regards to its county budgeting practices. This is no easy feat. I did take the opportunity to review the 2018 adopted budget and I was excited to see that we did allocate our resources appropriately such as providing additional resources for our Collin County Sheriff’s Department. Our budget implemented pay adjustments for county personnel. I am proud to say that our budget for 2018 marks the 25th consecutive year of no tax rate increases and we are maintaining our homestead exemption for the 10th year. As County Judge I would like to see us continue to maintain our fiscal responsibilities ensuring we are funding at an adequate level and addressing the needs of each department appropriately.
Our great state of Texas traditionally has always had a strong economy, primarily right here in the Dallas Fort Worth area, so it is no secret why people want to move here. Collin County in particular has experienced tremendous economic activity. As our population grows we want to ensure we are reviewing our comprehensive growth plans to ensure we aren’t economically overreaching. I plan to work with my fellow commissioners to set a healthy balanced tone within our county for both businesses and residents.
While Collin County can be described as the center of affluence and luxury beneath the surface is a very real issue. Homelessness. Many people imagine a homeless individual as a gentleman in a trench coat with a beard probably pushing a shopping cart, but there is a new face of homelessness especially in Collin County, families, people with jobs, some even have college degrees but no place to live. In 2017 it was estimated that 443 people were homeless, a ¼ of that were children. This number is probably inaccurate as of now, as the population continues to grow so does the socioeconomic issues that come that growth… Many people move here, have employment, residence-then illness strikes them, or a family member, lay-offs and they find themselves homeless. Traditionally the root cause of homelessness has always been thought to be having a criminal record, physical disability, or mental illness which can make it difficult to maintain a job, or housing. As our local resources make efforts
In 2014 the Collin County area made TxDot’s 100 most congested roadways in Texas. We are the fastest growing county in Texas, it is projected that our population is set to double over the next few decades right now many of our corridors are at capacity. Many of our city streets in addition to our highways are carrying more traffic than they were meant to handle. While there was a resolution passed in 2016 that would allow four of our corridors to be expanded into major highways, this alone is not a comprehensive long term solution. As with all issues it is a team effort to collaborate and identify some congestion relief solutions. If elected the Commissioners Court and I will continue collaborating with RTC, COG, DART and the Collin County Municipalities to ensure all viable options are being weighed
Around the nation we have visibly watched Mother Nature unleash havoc on cities, we are also aware that emergency preparedness is not always a natural occurrence in some instances they can be man-made. Planning and preparation play a vital role in how we handle emergencies to protect life, our community, property and minimize the impact. In short we want our citizens to be prepared in the event of some type of emergency or disaster situation. Here in Collin County a huge concern each year is tornadoes, but we have been impacted by hail, and severe storms. Most cities in Collin County rely on technology to help alert citizens to impending dangers. I drew from the Hazard Mitigation Action Plan for Collin County which each jurisdiction has identified potential natural threats to various locations within the county. Each city in Collin has their own mitigation preparedness plans. I think the procedures we currently have in place are sufficient for our area which includes wireless emergency
To pinpoint one issue that more important than all the others is like asking me which engine is more important on an airplane. If the airplane is going to soar all engines are important…they are integrated. next to education (which is the Board of educations responsibility) I believe a financially sound government is a priority. As custodian of our county budget my obligation and approach would be to carefully scrutinize and maximize return on the investment of our tax money.