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Comal County Commissioner, Precinct 2

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    Scott Haag

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    Michael Zimmerman (Write-in)

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1 – What motivates you to run?

2 - How has your education and experience prepared you for this position?

3 – In your view, what is most important issue that the Comal County Commissioners Court needs to address today? How would you address the issue?

4 - What is your view of the role of compromise in politics?

5 - If elected, what is your message to those who did not vote for you?

6 - Would you support county funding for preservation of natural areas and watersheds?

7 - Given recent pressures on Comal County water resources, transportation and infrastructure, would you support asking the Texas State Legislature for limited additional authority for the county to preserve our quality of life?

Education Texas A&M University // Southwest Texas State University // Texas Department of Public Safety Law Enforcement Training Academy // Continuing Education provided thru County Judges & Commissioners Association of Texas
Experience Texas State Trooper (28 years) // Comal County Commissioner (8 years)
I enjoy working with the citizens of Pct #2 and the citizens across the county. I also enjoy working with the county departments and employees who provide services to them. I was raised to understand that public service is our duty and our responsibility.
My experience as a State Trooper with the Texas Department of Public Safety for twenty-eight plus years has helped me tremendously in my position. The Sheriff’s Office, county jail, court system, and our District Attorney’s office are very large departments in our yearly budget. Using my law enforcement background, I understanding the workings of their offices. My past experience helps me understand what those departments need to best provide for the citizens of Comal County.
With the tremendous growth of Comal County, it is extremely important that we stay ahead of the needs of the county as we continue to grow. By statutory authority, we must provide for a county jail to house all persons arrested in our county. We must also provide a court system to hear all criminal and civil cases filed. Our current jail is full, and I have been very involved in the process of planning for our new jail to replace the old jail, and expanding and renovating our existing Sheriff's Office. Having the new jail and expanded Sheriffs Office will help the county as we continue to grow. I have also been involved in adding additional courtrooms and efficiently using space to meet the demands of the expanded case load from criminal and civil cases being filed.
I believe that many times compromise is necessary to get things accomplished.
I do not know of a “perfect” election where a candidate receives 100% of the votes cast. As I have done since my first election, I will continue to serve the citizens of Comal County to the best of my ability regardless for whom they voted.
I do not believe that county government should use tax dollars to fund these items. There are other entities including non-profit, non-governmental agencies to assist and fund these projects. I stand ready to help in the creation of these types of future partnerships.
Over the past almost eight years, I have learned, and continue to learn about our authorities and powers. Counties are an arm of state government and can only do what is allowed by state law. It is my belief that asking for more county authority would just be a duplication of government services and a waste of tax money. Water resources in Texas are managed and overseen by the Texas Water Development Board. Transportation is both a state and county function, and I work closely with our county road department and the Texas Department of Transportation (TXDOT) to provide the best possible county roads.
Education BS - St. Mary's University Double Masters, Webster University
Experience Over 30 years senior level management with Air Force in personnel, finance (budgeting and acquisition), contracting, personnel, and, information technology
Campaign Phone Number (830) 582-4157
Candidate Email electzimmerman@gmail.com
Keep the constituents informed…period. Constituents in the precinct want to be attuned to the problems and issues within both the precinct and the county. Far too often, this is not the case. They also feel there is a void in leadership and little to no support for major issues affecting them. I will change that. It’s past time the constituent’s voices to be heard. Precinct 2 in Comal County is the gateway to the hill country. Many of us who live here did so because of the beauty of the land and pristine environment. That is in real danger of fading away and fast, especially with the influx of aggregate companies and unbridled housing development. There has to be a county development plan which will proactively assist with growth and, at the same time, balance the use of water and other resources. We need to be stewards of the land for our future generations.
Experience and education go hand in hand. In senior management for over 30 plus years, I’ve had hands on experience in areas of personnel, finance (budgeting and acquisition), contracting, personnel, and, information technology which was my primary job. My dual master’s degree (Management and Resource Management) helped me to better understand and incorporate the disciplines with my experience to more effectively carry out the duties of my position in the federal sector. My experience and knowledge will easily transition over to that of the duties of a county commissioner
In addition to supporting your constituents, Local Control is the most important issue. It’s non-existent, especially in areas outside the jurisdiction of municipalities. Local government is often best at understanding and meeting its own community needs, which is why I am a strong proponent of local control. Our Governor and the legislature have shown repeatedly that they prefer all control rest with the state government. As mentioned above, unbridled growth is causing major concerns for area residents and an actual good beginning to it would be the ability to have local control. The first step I will accomplish in this process is to form a county commission where there will be an initial check and balances of all activity coming into the county. Rules and regulations have to be in place to control the growth of a county while maintaining a balance of natural resources for all residents, regardless if they live in the country or in municipalities.
Compromise in politics is by any other name….bi-partisan. And that’s the way it should be especially if it’s good for the constituents. We’ve seen or rather, we see daily how the opposite of that is working against us, and it’s just not good for anyone. People want to see compromise as long as their political party is the one not compromising. More times than not, if there is no agreement or resolution, then nothing was accomplished and everybody potentially loses. The key to real compromise, however, is open communication between individuals. This translates to listing all ideas/suggestions, evaluating the merits of each idea/suggestion, and then arriving at a solution which will be beneficial to the constituents.
Voting is just one of the greatest expressions of a person’s right to participate in government, freedom of choice. My message for those who did not vote for me is simple….I work for you…period. I use the expression COMMIT = COMMIT. You vote for me, I work for you. There’s a third part to that as well and it’s the third COMMIT…we work together on problems/issues. Political parties don’t solve problems/issues, people do. I’ve seen that first hand with issues within Comal County where folks banned to protest an issue and or fight for a cause absent of any affiliation, political or otherwise.
YES, YES, and unequivocally, YES. Case in point is happening now as a quarry is being planned smack dab over the middle of the Trinity Aquifer System which supplies water not only to Comal County but counties down to Uvalde. Couple that with all the caves that are in the recharge zone which provides rain runoff to filter through the limestone process which, in turn, gives us water to drink. The aquifer systems (Trinity and Edwards) are potentially in danger of being depleted and polluted. Once that occurs, its game over for us. Not only are the aquifer systems in danger but also our natural watersheds, which provides habitat and growth for many species of animals, birds, fish, etc. Preservation of our natural areas and watersheds MUST be preserved at all costs.
This should be a mandate, not an option. With any growth comes an understanding of how to balance resources for all to share, even for the protection of our future generations. Today, we do have the power to begin the process locally and that is with the formation of a 391 Commission. 391 refers to the chapter in the Local Government Code which allows the formation of a commission to improve the health, safety, and general welfare of their residents, and, plan for the future development of communities, areas, and regions in order that infrastructures such as transportation systems are improved, adequate street, utility, health, educational, and other essential facilities are provided as the communities, areas, and regions grow. I mentioned this in question 1 where there has to be a county development plan which will proactively assist with growth and, at the same time, balance the use of water and other resources.