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Comal County Commissioner, Precinct 4

Each year, the court adopts the county tax rate and the county budget, setting the salary and budget for independent elected officials, as well as outlining expenditures for departments under the direct control of the court. As the administrative head of county government, the court has the authority enact county-wide policies, and to the extent provided by law, to enact legislation in the form of court orders. The court also exercises varying degrees of oversight over subsidiary county boards and commissioners, which may differ from county to county, but which commonly include drainage districts, irrigation districts, housing authorities and the like. In some instances, the court may also serve as the board of directors for these special districts or authorities, as well as fulfill the role of county school board.

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    Dorothy Carroll

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    Jen Crownover

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Biographical Information

1 – What motivates you to run?

2 - How has your education and experience prepared you for this position?

3 – In your view, what is most important issue that the Comal County Commissioners Court needs to address today? How would you address the issue?

4 - What is your view of the role of compromise in politics?

5 - If elected, what is your message to those who did not vote for you?

6 - Would you support county funding for preservation of natural areas and watersheds?

7 - Given recent pressures on Comal County water resources, transportation and infrastructure, would you support asking the Texas State Legislature for limited additional authority for the county to preserve our quality of life?

Education Associate Degree Austin Community College
Experience Garment Mfg., Accounting/Auditor, Employment Specialist, Financial Adv. Commercial Business Owner
Campaign Phone Number (512) 785-0625
I want to serve as a Commissioner to ensure county funds are spent to benefit all county residents. Currently, county expenditures benefit a minority of residents (county employees, elected & appointed officials & prisoners) and millions are spent for New Braunfels buildings & renovations plus architects, general contractors, engineers, etc. while the majority of county residents receive meager benefits for their contribution to county revenues.
My life experience, employment & education combine to make me uniquely qualified for the position of county commissioner. I was successful in the garment mfg. industry, accounting, employment specialist, national financial advertising, commercial business owner & more. I have worked with high school drop-outs and Bank Presidents and Board Chairs. My clients have ranged from the unemployed to Sam Walton. I am prepared, ready and able.
One important issue the Court should address is the county's lack of transparency & its suppression of public information. I'd have county public information made available online 24/7 with no impediments to access. Like a Sheriff's 'Blotter' of the nature of all calls responded to, including suicide, sexual assault, rape & dog attacks. Residents & visitors have a right to full disclosure of all the facts about the county they live in or visit.
Compromise is a 'short-cut' negotiation tactic which implies and results in, many times, 'giving up something important' by one or more parties. Collaboration and consensus are more difficult work usually, it that it often requires more time, but the results arrived at are much more likely to fill the needs of both, or all, parties. Everyone at the table has a right to have their needs and wants considered and deliberated with calm and reason.
You may decide, at some point during the next four years, that you made a mistake when you voted for my opponent. If that becomes the case, I'd love to hear from you!

I support having the county purchase land such as aquifer recharge zones and other sensitive land including wildlife habitats and nature preserves. County officials can no longer ignore the present danger, as well as the very real potential for further harm, to the beautiful and sensitive geography that is Comal County. County residents, ecosystems, wildlife and continued economic prosperity depend on the health of the Edwards Aquifer.
I support petitioning the Texas State Legislature for specific additional authority to require all county land use be limited to environmentally sustainable uses that pose no harm, or potential threat, to the health and safety of current or future residents. Further, the authority to prohibit new aggregate operation locations in the county and to place a ban on the expansion or relocation of any quarries currently in operation in the county.
Education BBA in Business Administration, with emphasis on Marketing & Communications
Experience I currently serve in this office, and am seeking re-election. My previous experience is in marketing and communications (of which I have a Bachelor’s degree), and I had my own business consulting in marketing, advertising, and public relations for a myriad of different types of businesses. I am also a wife and mother of two fine boys, ages 15 & 17.
Twitter @votecrownover
Campaign Phone Number (830) 515-8610
Candidate Email jencrown@gvtc.com
I love my job, and I'd like to continue another 4 years in service to my community!

I feel like I have raised the bar for proactive communication in our county and my precinct, and I am looking forward to doing more. Never before has a Comal County Commissioner actively and consistently carried hours out in the county (in the stretches of the precinct), published a newsletter (funded by donations, not taxpayer dollars), been active on different mediums of social media, and sponsored and hosted different educational functions to reach and educate constituents on different land rights issues.

I’m also very active and consistent in my communications with TXDOT, and our State Representative and State Senator on issues that affect our communities.
Communication has been a huge gap between County Government and the community for a very long time. My background in marketing, communications and public relations have been pivotal in raising the bar for the community. While it is very important to have a balance of talents on Commissioners Court to address many different issues, I have filled a void within the team.
Growth. Growth. Growth. With the limited authority that we have in County Government—granted by the State Legislature, growth plagues our county. We are the 6th fastest growing county in the entire nation. We have to do everything we can to get ahead of the curve and serve our citizens. Land rights are a delicate balance. While citizens only control the soil to their fence-line, it is important to advocate for the county when land transactions are happening (when we can be aware, which is also not always the case). When an opportunity arises to have input on the development of property, it is in our citizens’ best interest to jump on it. Public Improvement Districts are one way we can do just that. They allow us to have input on developments where we otherwise wouldn’t. They are not a burden to taxpayers as a whole, they are transparent, and contained within their developments, and folks who buy in are aware up front.
As a member of Commissioners Court, I realize I am part of a team. I appreciate that, and do my best to represent my nearly 35,000 constituents. I am not afraid to force a vote on something I believe is the right thing to do on behalf of those I represent. I also am not afraid to communicate difficult topics to my constituents when they are the right thing to do, but not popular.

One small example, early in my term, was the publishing of my newsletter—which was a campaign promise to voters. At first, it was not very popular with other members of the Court. It is not an expensive undertaking (only a couple hundred dollars a year), but, faced with the challenge, I solicited donations from the community, and now it is cheerfully underwritten by donations from citizens, and I continue to publish it on a regular basis for our citizens.
I look forward to continuing to work for you, and will work very hard to earn your confidence. I represent the entire precinct, not just a select few. Republican, Democrat, or otherwise. I have stepped up to do the right thing in the interest of all of my citizens.
Yes. I think it is important for the preservation of our land and water resources, and a responsible use of funds to also preserve the heritage of our county. At some point, you have to be at the table, and cannot rely solely on others to carry the flag.
Limited, sure. Property rights are a delicate issue. I have fought in senate committees during my term to educate our State Senate on bills that affect land rights—and I will continue to do so. I will also continue to work alongside our state senator and representative to encourage them to pass responsible legislation that positively affects citizens in this regard.