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Councilor District 4, Wichita Falls, TX

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    Tim Brewer

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    Nicholas J. Schreiber

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What are your qualifications for office (including your occupation, education, training, and experience)?

What do you feel are the top (2) issues facing Wichita Falls and what do you see as appropriate action for the city to take?

In an austere funding environment, what criteria are most important in evaluating competing funding needs?

How could you as a council member/mayor enhance the public opinion of our city government?

Campaign Phone (940) 224-9953
I am long time resident of the Wichita Falls community and have lived in District 4 for 39 years. My family and I experienced the 1979 tornado, losing everything, but were fortunate to rebuild our lives in this wonderful community, experiencing firsthand what a great group friends and neighbors makeup Wichita Falls. I served the Wichita Falls Community as EMT from 1976 – 1979, including on that fateful day, Terrible Tuesday. I have been a small business owner and I am a real estate agent. I have been married to my lovely wife, Debbie, for 41 years. We have 3 wonderful children and 7 grandchildren. I consider myself a fiscal conservative, pro small-business and have years of management experience and handling tight budgets.
I feel the two pressing issues facing our community are a building a stronger job base and long-term water solution. Supporting and expanding Sheppard AFB and Midwestern State University are critical elements of job growth for our community as well as attracting outside businesses to Wichita Falls. A strong economy and job base as well as viable water supply are issues outside companies consider when evaluating Wichita Falls as a potential home base. I believe we can meet these challenges and provide opportunities for growth and revitalization.
The needs of many outweigh the needs of a few. I will work to grow our community and economic base, thus, funding criteria should be evaluated on its ability to meet these goals. I believe my job as a public servant is to listen to voters needs. Thus, in competing funds it is important to listen to voters and ensure their interests are heard as well as represented.
I believe my most important job is to listen to voter needs, discover new ways to meet goals without raising taxes, and stay within budget. I hope to work to bring more families and jobs to Wichita Falls, generate revenue through economic growth. To put it simply, I plan to work for the people.
Website http://slatx.us
Campaign Phone (940) 337-2016
Campaign Email nschreiber@slatx.us
ACTIVE|ENGAGED|COMMITTED: Involved or recently involved with many local non-profits (Big Brothers Big Sisters, United Way, Meals on Wheels, Communities in Schools, Knights of Columbus and more). Chosen as 2017 Texas Big Brother of the Year. Sat on Economic Development (ED) Steering Committee “focused on developing a comprehensive community and economic development initiative that will help lead to a more prosperous and successful future FOR THE ENTIRE CITY.” Co-chair for Implementation Team to pursue a best-practice ED program and a member of the Modern School Facilities action team. Volunteer in downtown clean-up. Attained BA at UNT which led to my career as Marketing Director for SLA Architects, specializing in federal/state government.
LONG-TERM WATER SOLUTIONS: A potential marketable aspect in the future is sustainable water solutions. After surviving the drought, we must cement the legacy of Wichita Falls as a place that will sustain future droughts. GROWING THE TAX BASE: We must find ways to capitalize on our most prized city resource – its people. We must change internal perceptions of younger generations to entice them to live, work and grow their families here by creating direct lines between established employers and MSU/Vernon/CEC. We must be a city that entices men and women of Sheppard AFB to retire here or continue their non-military lives here. Once growth trends are identified, we can look more to the quality-of-life that appeals to the next generations.
PUBLIC WORKS: The city budget must be maintained through a methodical and calculated approach. A city has to be able to survive before it can thrive. This includes long-term water resources, street maintenance, flood control, sewer and more. Alongside that is PUBLIC SAFETY. The importance of safety, security and support from our local police officers and firefighters cannot be ignored. They must be compensated appropriately for a city of our size to be competitive in keeping these men and women here. Beyond those two items, directing funds in a purposeful and thoughtful way will grow this city’s tax base through amenities and economic opportunities that entice the future entrepreneurs and business owners to live here.
WILLINGNESS TO LISTEN/LEARN: I’m open to meeting any individual who is willing to voice their thoughts to me. There is not one direct path towards city prosperity and I recognize that opposing views can lead to an opportunistic compromise for all in our community. I’m always available (940.337.2016 / nschreiber@slatx.us) and I’m always willing to listen. COMMUNICATION: The public opinion of our city officials recently took a hit in May and many in the community felt city officials did not listen to public opinion. City officials should be able to offer a transparent, outlined, and methodical explanation behind the measures they choose. If elected, I will schedule a monthly sit-down at a local coffee shop for anyone who wants to attend.