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Mayor, Wichita Falls, TX

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  • Lowry W. Crane

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    Stephen Santellana

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What are your qualifications for office (including your occupation, education, training, and experience)?

What do you feel are the top (2) issues facing Wichita Falls and what do you see as appropriate action for the city to take?

In an austere funding environment, what criteria are most important in evaluating competing funding needs?

How could you as a council member/mayor enhance the public opinion of our city government?

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6 years college ( most criminal justice studies-economics) Police Academy Police officer Lives in Wichita Falls/property owner Small business owner
Frivolous spending High property tax

Frivolous spending must stop Promote city growth to lower property taxes
Stop wasteful spending now and promote growth and develope the Sheppard Air Force Base area to attract the young trainees who could potentially add $50,000,000. To $150,000,000. New revenue annually that could be used to expand and create new jobs and lower property taxes. As mayor I would be active in contacting new businesses and corporations making them feel welcome to come here.
First work on making Wichita Falls more business friendly. Many businesses say they can't or won't do business with current city policies and codes. Promote Wichita Falls as the friendly city for business and residential development. So many neighborhoods are 50 plus year's with no infrastructure repairs. Make public all plans and get input from citizens on how to improve our city.
After graduating from Midwestern State University in 1998, I entered the business world. Working in a family business afforded me opportunities to take on critical leadership roles, problem solving, financials, budgeting, management and an overall sense of responsibility for myself, business, and employees. I have also started a business from the ground up. It has been a very rewarding experience. Perhaps most rewarding though is my civic involvement. I’ve had the opportunity to serve on community boards as well as the school board of Christ Academy. These experiences have further developed and honed my business skills and financial acuity. I have also served as District 1 councilor and as Mayor of Wichita Falls for the past four years.
-Economic Growth is an issue that Wichita Falls has faced for several decades. Growing our tax base by attracting businesses will help with citizen retention, student retention, and the lack of economic growth. I plan on helping the existing industries grow their current businesses, continuing to help our two local colleges grow, and strengthening the relationship with Sheppard Air Force Base. -Planning for our deteriorating infrastructure is an issue that Wichita Falls must soon address. Many of our city streets, water systems, sewer systems, and other parts of our infrastructure are old and antiquated. We are now at a point where planning, updating, and renovating of these systems is a critical reality.
Due to budgetary constraints and lagging sales tax revenue, developing a criteria for the competing needs is imperative. That criteria is addressed with a strong strategic plan for our immediate and future needs. A systematic approach is essential when considering the budget concerns that Wichita Falls faces yearly. Public safety is paramount when considering funding for Wichita Falls. The policing of our citizens and the necessity for well-trained first responders cannot be overlooked. The safety and well-being of our citizens is vital. Water, sewer, and sanitation are basic needs that must be a priority. These fundamental needs for our city will always be at the top of the list when considering competing funds.
I believe that it is paramount that we lead with positivity and transparency. As elected officials, we have to showcase our great city at every turn. We also shoulder the responsibility of being active in the community and being available to the citizens we represent. I take pride in being active and addressing citizen concerns at all times. We are elected to represent fully, and by showing citizens that we can be good stewards of their tax money, we can help enhance that relationship. Being transparent in all that we do is a the best way to show citizens that we want them to feel comfortable with our decisions. Making Wichitans feel part of the process is the only way to enhance public opinion of all that we do for Wichita Falls.