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Texas House, District 139

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    Jarvis D. Johnson

  • Shohn Trojacek

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Identify what you think are the 2 most important issues that affect the people in your district and give specific examples of measurable actions you will take to address these issues.

What specific criteria do you believe must be met in order to justify spending reserves in the Economic Stabilization Fund (Rainy Day Fund)? What requirements should there be to ensure that permanent funding solutions are developed going forward?

What will you do as a member of the Texas Legislature to ensure that all children living in Texas receive a quality education?

How can the state of Texas best partner with local governments and private providers to ensure Texans have access to mental health and addiction treatment services?

Education BS speech communication Texas Southern University
Experience Former Houston City Councilman District B Current State Representative District 139
Community Former Director of Phoenix Outreach Youth Center; Program Director DARE PLUS Texas; Sickle Cell Association of Houston Board Member
Phone (346) 715-4661
Education and jobs are the two most important issues. I have been successful in passing legislation that expanded vocational education opportunities in public schools (see HB 136). A focus on vocational education and employment provides the skills needed for our children to succeed in the current job market.
There should be a set amount to remain in the fund but beyond that, the Rainy Day Fund should be used two ways. First, to reinvest in Texas Public Education. Due to Republican led PubEd funding cuts, Texas is not competitive on a national level, and this needs to be rectified. Secondly, to provide emergency relief for Texans in the event of a natural disaster. Texans should not have to wait on the federal govt alone for help; Texans saw too many delays in funds during Hurricane Harvey Recovery.
First, I will continue to focus on expanding vocational opportunities for the children in this state. Second, I will advocate for school finance reform, and push for rainy day funds to be allocated for school funding. Quality education also means quality teachers, and the State needs to do more than just talk about giving teachers raises. Lastly, the State cannot put the responsibility of Public Education completely on local communities.
The mental health of all Texans is the responsibility of all levels of government. We must ensure our children have access to mental health professionals at school to address their needs, and to prevent another school shooting. We must fund our state hospitals to ensure local jails are not being used as mental health holding facilities. By addressing the the mental health needs of Texans, we will also ensure that tax dollars are not being spent on jailing those experiencing mental illness.
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