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County School Trustee, Position 4, Pct. 3

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    Andrea Duhon

  • Josh Flynn

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In your opinion, what are the 3 most valuable services currently being provided by the County Board of Education?

What specific, measurable goals do you hope to achieve during your term?

What do you believe is the appropriate role of the County School Board in making educational opportunities, from early childhood to adult, available and accessible in Harris County?

Education Bachelors Degree in Business
Experience Business structuring, allocation, and cash flow analysis for small businesses and individuals
Community Community Leader, Events Board member- Lone Star Veterans Association, working mother, spouse of active-duty 1st class petty officer in the Navy.
Twitter @voteduhon
Currently, HCDE leverages economies of scale to purchase supplies for ISD's, receiving better rates than ISD's would on their own. Their partnership with wholesalers is one major advantage of having and using a countywide Department of Education. HCDE also shares counselors and therapists amongst ISDs, enabling cost share for these services which would otherwise be difficult to afford. Lastly, HCDE supports all Harris County ISD's to run after-school programs, which is extremely important.
I want to ensure the Department can continue to run these programs, as it is under threat of being shut down. Additionally, I want to expand programs for secondary languages, civic engagement, and health studies. Another opportunity for HCDE will lie in assisting all ISDs and the county with education within the juvenile justice system.
HCDE can assist ISDs within the county which may not have the resources that some others do. Some ISDs require more support for Head Start or After-school programs than others, but when we bring our county schools up together, we win as a whole. Also, adult education programs are currently limited to GED studies and pipefitters courses. We can expand this program to create more trade school training, which in turn, will boost our middle class jobs and buying power.
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