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Jonestown City Council Alderman Place 5

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    Linda Bush

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    Eric Davis

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What strategies will you use to ensure open communication between City Hall and residents?

What are your top environmental and land development concerns and how do you plan to address them?

What is your vision for transportation infrastructure in your community and how will you advance it?

What other critical issue will you address and how?

Background Aerial Photographer
Education BS Kent State University, Ohio; Education English HS and Elementary, with Recreation minor.
As your Jonestown Council representative, I would take advantage of email to keep everyone informed, continue to volunteer at the Jonestown library, and use posts on the library bulletin board; continue to pick up bread for the Community Center, using word of mouth; keep y’all up on upcoming meetings and issues we deal with in council thru my facebook website, or call as some folks would request.
I will be involved with the city building codes and strategies by assisting with the simplifying of the building codes, doing away with redundant rules. I will be mindful about avoiding changes to our community that will result in unnecessary costs for homeowners. I will also assist the Parks and Recreation Board in developing activities, as well as the upkeep and maintenance of our beautiful parks.

I will work with the Council and TXDOT to make 1431 safer. Adding the half turn lane (protected left turns); helping qualify for adding stop lights at a couple of our dangerous spots. With each improvement, I would advocate for limited costs to the homeowners and taxpayers.
Quality of life for the citizens of Jonestown. Working with the volunteer programs in Jonestown to provide more accessible information about services to our citizens. Getting fire hydrants throughout Jonestown for additional fire protection. Reaching out to the families with younger kids at home to keep them up-to-date about our valuable library programs. Keeping Jonestown residents in the know about current projects in the town. Working with seniors who would like to remain in Jonestown by developing a program to increase senior citizen living spaces.

Background Over 30 years of experience in real estate and economic development in both the private and public sector.
Education Bachelor of Applied Arts & Sciences, Stephen F. Austin State University
We have a system in place where issues are discussed in depth in committee meetings that are open to the public. I serve on the Development and Public Safety committees. These committee meetings allow a resident to hear the detailed discussions behind a specific issue in which they may have interest.
Jonestown is in the direct path of the rapid growth headed towards northwest Travis County. The question is not whether we want to grow or not. We are growing and will continue to grow. Our goal is to control that growth in a quality and sustainable manner. I was appointed unanimously to the Council this year into an unexpired open seat. I was chosen by the Council because of my service on our Future Land Use Planning Committee. Our new land use plan ensures that open spaces, view corridors, parks and dark skies remain a priority.
Jonestown is located on a busy and often dangerous State Highway 1431. The current Council has worked to encourage TXDoT to add safety measures to this highway including a new stoplight this year at Park Street and future widening efforts with more turn lanes. Our new street maintenance plan works to make sure our city streets have regular maintenance with new pavement and/or sealant on a scheduled routine.
This year, the Council doubled the homestead exemption to 20% which gives residents a tax reduction. Our current Council is a cohesive body dedicated to keeping taxes low while providing quality city services such as police protection, a library, nice parks, and well-maintained streets. In our upcoming budget we were able to keep the tax rate the same while providing our police with a much needed raise and funding all the necessary services to keep Jonestown a great small town.