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City of Lago Vista Council Member Place 4

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    Timothy J. Collins

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    Selima Harbison

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What strategies will you use to ensure open communication between City Hall and residents?

What are your top environmental and land development concerns and how do you plan to address them?

What is your vision for transportation infrastructure in your community and how will you advance it?

What other critical issue will you address and how?

Background Financial Services Manager in Texas for a national Insurance company. Operations and management.
Education American College Chartered Financial Consultant Chartered Life Underwriter Certified Financial Planner (R) Board of Standards. Inactive status.
All agendas and minutes of meetings are published on the city website. Past sessions are also on the city web site. Council and committee hearing time and places are published on the web site. Council meetings can be viewed on line when the council is in session. In addition we use a local printed paper to publish meeting times, places and topics.
Excess effluent water is disposed of by watering two golf courses and a forested area inside the city limits. We have existing plans for working with developers for best usage of the land for buildings, water runoff and collection, reserving land for parks and playgrounds.
There is very little use of public transportation in our town. Our main public transportation is a small bus used to transport people to and from larger metropolitan areas. First, we do not have a population large enough to support this transportation. Secondly, we are a little too far out from larger cities. We spend a vary large out of proportion amount of money for what little use there is of the present program. We could better use the money on other projects
We will concentrate on bringing additional business operations into the city. New home construction and renovation of existing homes is the largest factor in bringing new population to our city. Business' will open in towns where there is enough population to make operations feasible.
Background I have been teaching various forms of fitness and dance in our community. I also run two local small business Green Goddess and LV Farmers Market.
Education I attended RRISD and then went on to study Psychology and Sociology at the University of Texas Austin
I already spend a great deal of my time in face to face conversations with residents about concerns. I will continue to do this, but on a larger scale. I will have brunch meetings at local restaurants inviting people of various backgrounds and ages. In addition , my house has an open door policy and we have coffee meet ups there on Wednesdays. Also, i will continue my work with the Young Families Advisory committee as well as reaching out to the leaders of local special interest groups. Lastly, i think my online presence in the community makes people feel comfortable enough to reach out.
One of my top land development concerns is the rate of growth. Keeping builders accountable and held to the highest of regulations to prevent the mass influx of improperly built houses. Also, teaching the community many of the permaculture techniques I use on our organic farm that can be carried over to everyday life to limit environmental impact. Another goal is to entice eco friendly and sustainable businesses to the area with small business incentives. My largest and most heart felt concern is with lake level and the zebra muscle outbreak. I plan on being proactive w/ LCRA.
Our infrastructure is in desperate shape. Although, I think the current councils plan to fix roads is working, it is at an arduous pace. Therefore, I want to propose an idea where house builders who purchase a certain percentage of land on dilapidated streets should have to incur the cost of street repairs. In addition, I think there should be a cap on home builders per year and once that number is met they should have to give a percentage of each house sale to the city for road repairs for all the semi and construction trucks they are bringing into the area that are stressing our streets.
I will use the communities fresh and inspired ideas to increase revenue. For example botanical gardens with agriculture extension classes, drive in movie theater, and Murder mystery nights in the Mansion the city owns. Also, my passion for supporting and maintaining small business will be emphasized by helping create and effectively utilize a Lago Vista version of the “Go Local” campaign and a central shopping and art/ culture destination to help fuel tourism. It is one of my deepest desires to help Keep Lago Weird and authentic by embracing our towns personality and using it to fuel tourism.