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What strategies will you use to ensure open communication between City Hall and residents?

What are your top environmental and land development concerns and how do you plan to address them?

What is your vision for transportation infrastructure in your community and how will you advance it?

What other critical issue will you address and how?

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Background As a retired professional educator and school counselor, I bring my experience in goal setting, conflict resolution, and organization to the City. De
Education BA Degree in government, history, and English MA Degree in psychology
Citizens are encouraged to share their suggestions and criticisms in civil discourse through direct contact or through email. I encourage interaction with the people of Lakeway so that their concerns and goals are expressed. Researching the issues will allow me understand the topic and address it. If citizens wish open discussions, public town hall assemblies can be arranged.
Lakeway is a unique community. The City Council must address growth, while maintaining the undeveloped green spaces that remain. Many of these spaces are privately owned, which means compromises are in our future. It is important that the City use its influence to guide moderate density in future development.
As every Lakeway resident knows, traffic is a constant concern. The City must spearhead the building of new roads which enable us to avoid Highway 620 and support the plans of the Texas Department of Transportation to improve that highway.
Taxes. In order to utilize out tax dollars effectively, careful attention must be paid to budget development. Conservative budgeting is the hallmark of efficient city management.
Background Lifelong Texan. City Board of Ethics (2012-18, Chair), Bd of Adjustment (2018), Committee-Hire New City Attorney (2018). "Texas Super Lawyer" 2013-18.
Education B.A., University of Texas at Austin, 1995 J.D., University of Texas at Austin, 1999
Lakeway is fortunate to have older, dedicated volunteers as well as younger, energized families. Both of these demographics offer different strengths and viewpoints. It is important to me that all groups feel valued, included, and welcome at City Hall. Open communication and feedback are always key to making the best decisions. As a lawyer, I am comfortable hearing more than one side to a story and finding a solution. The City should use all available tools to communicate, like the Public Engagement Committee, town halls, the electronic newsletter, social media, email, and electronic surveys.
The City Center is one of the last opportunities to impact Lakeway for the long term. Most residents have 3 related concerns for new development: density, traffic and water use. I am for low-density development that will not change the fundamental character of Lakeway. The City should negotiate for dedicated parkland and new roads to reduce traffic on 620. Living with deer requires balancing safety concerns with humane solutions. We should talk to wildlife experts and learn from other cities. We all value nature and our policies should be grounded in scientific evidence and open communication.
Traffic is a concern for everyone, but the City cannot solve this problem single-handedly. What the City can do is keep things from getting worse by minimizing density in new developments. The City can reduce existing in-town traffic on 620 by creating new alternative roads, such as a road from Lohman's Crossing to the Oaks. We should work with Travis County and TXDOT on long-range plans to avoid 620 turning into an elevated road in the future, which would create a noisy eyesore through the middle of town. Parking also needs to be considered when we plan the City Center and future events.
City Council has been missing the voice of younger families, even as the median age of Lakeway has dropped significantly. I have children currently in LTISD schools, at Lakeway Elementary, Hudson Bend Middle School and Lake Travis High School, and all play LTYA sports. This perspective of young families needs to be included on City Council. I also want to help heal the divisiveness in our community. Through my many years of serving on City Boards and commissions, I have respect for those who came before me, but I am also open to new ideas and voices. I can help bridge the divide.
Background 25 years successfully leading large teams and projects. 3 election cycles advocating for citizens at city council, commission, and committee meetings.
Education University of Phoenix; University of San Diego, Marshall School of Business (GM1 & GM2)
Not every citizen has the need or desire to interact with their city leaders but when they do, their civic leaders need to be available and responsive. Email alone does not cut it with today's working people with busy schedules. I will dedicate several hours per week using modern applications to allow all citizens to book real time on my calendar, one to one or in groups. I will continue to use social media to make citizens aware of the important issues and get their feedback. I will have monthly live and virtual roundtables to allow citizens to ask tough questions and get straight answers.
Development should always be in harmony with the city's comprehensive plan. Until the new one is developed, the existing one should stand. While the city cannot and should not discourage development, it does have the ability to limit what can be built by multiple devices including those in the code of ordinances. Recently, developers have often piloted the city's growth and that is unacceptable. Environmental studies are not required for initial approval. Traffic studies are paid by the developer. On City Council, I will help the city take a leadership role in planning future development.
The way we can control traffic is to lower the utilization of it through our part of the RR 620 corridor. We need a road that will connect Main St. and Birrell St. to Lohman's Spur. That will allow multitudes of Lakeway citizens to avoid RR 620 altogether for business or shopping. We must build it ourselves at a worthwhile cost and not allow developers to use it as a bargaining chip. Regarding the development of RR 620 itself, the decisions today will affect how it's built over the next several years. I will work diligently with TxDOT to ensure Lakeway receives the best options possible.
We need to revisit our code of ordinances for residences and businesses. It's hard to start a business in Lakeway. With so many retail vacancies, we need to focus on supporting the businesses that are already here paying taxes and maybe struggling instead of approving more retail and office space development. If it does not affect the health and safety of our citizens, we can consider lighter restrictions. We need to work with commerce organizations to support the promotion of local business. We can also revisit our residential codes to ensure that they make sense in our current environment.
Background 22 years maintaining a livable Lakeway through building relationships within the community and consistently being positively vocal on local issues.
Education CSUC BA Sociology. “Highly Qualified” to teach certificates in general and special education. Educated in Real Estate and Insurance.
My strategy is proving myself accessible. Utilizing social media, email, phone, text for quick responses. I am self-employed with a flexible schedule along with effective time management skills. I want you to have a council person you can trust. My expectations of others are ones I have for myself. I would want my council member to listen, care, and work hard for my community with an open mind by actively engaging within the community, listening and representing what truly matters to Lakeway.
My top concern is keeping Lakeway a Livable Lakeway. I am a proponent for responsible, conservative development stemming from Lakeway's rapid growth, that benefits our taxpayers and small business while weighing our resources, safety, topography, and serenity. I will engage with folks that may be confused or feeling pressure with the current septic vs. sewer options for parts of Lakeway. Environmentally our wildlife needs to be considered. I will engage with our Wildlife Committee and City Council the feasibility of a local wild life center, open to the public as an educational resource.
Having survived a 70 mph head on collision on Hwy 71, my immediate concern is safety and what can be done locally. I plan on working with the current infrastructure and laws in place to make the 620 corridor safer for our residents, seniors and students. I will propose that Lakeway becomes known as a “Hand's Free Community" with a zero tolerance approach. Inattentive drivers wreak havoc. I will engage in discussions with Police Chief Radford and City Council for increase police presence on 620 corridor for infractions, illegal left turns, etc. resulting in less stressful driving.
Being raised in a small town, I understand the sense of community. Lakeway’s rapid growth proposes a critical concern regarding this feeling. However, it also allows for a necessary and unique opportunity to bridge the gap. For 12 of my 22 years in Lakeway we were a four-generation family. I have plans for refreshing, community engaged programs for relationship building. I plan on working with LTISD, connecting student service hours, interest and skillset in our governmental process for a community that is vested in each other.