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  • Darnell Powell

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    Frank Robbins

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What strategies will you use to ensure open communication between City Hall and residents?

What are your top environmental and land development concerns and how do you plan to address them?

What is your vision for transportation infrastructure in your community and how will you advance it?

What other critical issue will you address and how?

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Background Married. 10 years active Army. Viet Nam vet. Airborne Ranger. 33 years as planner and assist. city manager (ACM) in fast growing cities. Past Lago Vis
Education BA Texas A&M 1968 MS Community and Regional Planning, University of Texas, Austin. 1980
Attend on-going town halls. Use social media, Attend local volunteer organization meetings. Attend POA and LVISD board meetings. Attend LVISD sporting events. Attend numerous Lago Vista party events.

Improve city board, commission, and committee vetting/public hearing processes by encouraging them to reach a community consensus before presentation to the city council.
Decrease in natural beauty, increased water pollution of Lake Travis, and increased chances of flooding by development of existing and new lots in Lago Vista's many scenic canyons, many of which have springs. Solutions: Strict ordinance enforcement, consideration of drainage fees to pay for purchase of environmentally sensitive lots that are deep in the canyons, limit new subdivisions to two units per acre, and use natural drainage systems to carry runoff rather than structural means.

Loss of large native trees. Solution: Strict enforcement of tree preservation laws.
Leave CapMetro. Use the savings to improve existing deteriorated streets. No tax increase bonds to improve poor streets. Consideration of street impact fees to pay for new streets and widening of existing streets, such as Lohman Ford. Plan for a landscaped median in Lohman Ford when it is widened. Adopt access management standards to lessen congestion. Very long term, work with CAMPO, TxDOT, and Travis County to determine sites for a bridge over Lake Travis linking 1431 and 620.
Implement the Master Plan by incorporating it into a strategic planning program that is related to the city council capital improvement and budget process. P&Z should compile a list of "to dod" from the Master Plan and report to the city council about what has been done and not done. The report would include how near term not-done items might be done. The result would be city council direction about short and long term goals and measurable objectives and multi-year funding ideas. Keep Lago Vista beautiful by considering (the organization ) Keep Lago Vista Beautiful's recommendations.