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Proposition C

Shall the City Charter be amended to provide the International Association of Fire Fighters Local 624 with unilateral authority to require the City to participate in binding arbitration of all issues in dispute with the Association within forty-five days of the City’s receipt of the Association’s written arbitration request?

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  • Yes - For the Measure

  • No - Against the Measure

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Pro and Con arguments for and Against the Measure

From the supporters: Resolves a five-year stall on the firefighter fair pay contract. The City has taken an incredible five years to complete a simple pay contract with our firefighters. Proposition C pushes the city and firefighters into binding arbitration—an inexpensive way to end disputes quickly and fairly without expensive lawsuits.
From the opponents: Prop. C Specifically gives ONLY one Union, Firefighters Local 624, the right to unilaterally compel binding arbitration. Essentially, this Union unfairly gets their own referee, who decides what the rest of us will pay for--no matter the other budget considerations.