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Watauga City Council, Place 1

City councils in Texas each have specific responsibilities unique to their city. Duties of a city council generally include setting the tax rate, approving a budget, adopting local ordinances, and managing land transactions. City councils plan and oversee public services and facilities: police and fire protection; health and sanitation services; animal control; street construction and maintenance; garbage collection and disposal; transportation systems; recreational facilities; parking; airports; jails; parks and zoos; libraries and museums; hospitals and emergency services; building codes/zoning; and water and sewage service. City council members may also elect other municipal officers or appoint citizens to serve on boards and commissions.

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Why are you running for city council?

How does your background prepare you for this office?

How will you increase transparency in city government?

How will you balance city revenue with service needs?

What are the most critical issues facing the city council, and what solutions can you offer?

Phone (817) 676-6852
Occupation Retired LEO, Southwest Investigations Group
Education BA Sociology and Psychology
Experience Over 20 years service as an elected city councilman for the City of Watauga, Various positions in Texas Municipal League and North Texas Council of Governments.
Several citizens have asked me to run for Hal’s remaining term to add my prior experience to the existing Council. I encourage citizens and businesses to present their concerns either during meetings or individually with staff or council members.
I have over 20 years of service to the city as an elected councilman dealing with the issues of city government. I have worked on budgets each of those years and dealt with problems as they arise while supporting goals to advance the community.
Transparency is a function of communication between the government and the governed. Currently the city uses open meetings, emails, telephones and a website. I would suggest having a tracker function on the website to show the number of inquiry's the city receives and the resolutions given in response so the government and the citizens can know the result.
They are always balanced. There is no service without the money to pay for it. The goal should be to provide the most efficient service possible with the resources the city has. You can do that by proper budget allocation and feedback from the citizens on how the service is performed.
With a decline in sales tax revenue, revenue to fund services will be an issue. Watauga is a booming real estate market however we are mostly built out and new construction will be limited. Existing properties should be encouraged to invest in improvements by developing partnerships with building suppliers and contractors that will support that goal. The council can pass policies that will make that possible.
Occupation Family Law/paralegal
Education Bachelor in Business Masters in Theology Juris Doctorate
I am not running for myself, but was asked by many members of our Watauga Family to run. I love my community and its people. I am running to make a difference, to be there to ask the tough questions until we get real answers and results.
If I count mowing yards, I have been working since I was 8 years old. I put myself through college and have a bachelors in business, masters in theology, and a juris doctorate. I have the education and real-world experience to do this job.
Technical compliance with notice laws under the Texas Open Meetings Act is not sufficient. The city council meeting style and order must be revised to allow more citizen interaction and more citizen questions. Too often we are told why something cannot be done instead of how something can be accomplished - this approach must change.
I have the education and real-world experience needed to understand complicated budgets, contracts, and any state/federal laws that would apply to city government. The size of our budget must be reduced along with the property tax rate for the city. Very few if any questions are asked about the budget, this will change if I am elected.
My top priorities are (1) communication, (2) lower taxes, (3) and common-sense solutions. City Hall does not exist to make people “understand” things, but should be there to interact, listen, reach out, and respect the dignity of each person. Watauga has the 25th highest property tax rate in Tarrant County and some of the highest water rates. These must be lowered! When common-sense says something seems off, ask questions. Let’s use the sense God gave us to build a future together.
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