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River Oaks City Council, Place 3

City councils in Texas each have specific responsibilities unique to their city. Duties of a city council generally include setting the tax rate, approving a budget, adopting local ordinances, and managing land transactions. City councils plan and oversee public services and facilities: police and fire protection; health and sanitation services; animal control; street construction and maintenance; garbage collection and disposal; transportation systems; recreational facilities; parking; airports; jails; parks and zoos; libraries and museums; hospitals and emergency services; building codes/zoning; and water and sewage service. City council members may also elect other municipal officers or appoint citizens to serve on boards and commissions.

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    Darren Houk

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Why are you running for city council?

How does your background prepare you for this office?

How will you increase transparency in city government?

How will you balance city revenue with service needs?

What are the most critical issues facing the city council, and what solutions can you offer?

Phone (817) 626-1418
Website I can be found on Facebook at "The truth about River Oaks 76114" I am the Administrator
Occupation I run an Automotive Restoration shop and also work
Education I graduated from Western Hills Highs School and then Tarrant County College with an Associates Degree in Applied Science - Automotive Technology. Also Automotive Service of Excellence (ASE) Master Auto, Bus, and Truck Technician.
Experience None as a city council person. I have run a small trucking company which requires understanding government regulation and also an automotive restoration shop. I understand what it means to meet government guidelines and to work within a budget.
I have lived in River Oaks since 1987. I have watched the current city leaders for 24 years run our once great city into the ground.

I can not stand by any more. It is time to change the direction the city has been moving for so long. The city needs
I have learned over the years that it is important to listen to what my customers want and expect, and a council person should do the same thing. I understand what it means to work within a budget and that not everyone will be happy with that.
In this day of technology there is no reason that all city meetings should not be recorded and both broadcast and podcast to the citizens of River Oaks. Most of River Oaks citizens are hard working people and cannot attend meetings. The only current information is a brief 2-page review from the city that glosses over what was said in the meeting, and some is just not repor
River Oaks has been operating in the red now for a few years and has also recently taken out a 15 million dollar loan. The city is going to have to tighten its belt to survive. The city needs to concentrate on basic services..... water, sewer, police, fire, trash and streets. Once those services are met, then you can look at the luxury items like the library, the community
Our water has been below state standards since 2006. The current repairs,15 million dollars worth, may or may not fix the problem. There has been no guarantee from the state engineers or our own public works director that the current work will fix the problem. If it does not, it will be time to see if we can make an agreement with the City of Fort Worth to purchase water in the future. We already use them for sewer disposal service.
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Phone (817) 692-8496
Website https://www.roofingsolutionshouk.com/
Occupation Roofing Contractor
Education Arlington Heights High School
Experience Owner, Roofing Solutions Owner River Oaks Renovations Owner Artful Village Serves on the River Oaks Economic Development Corp Serves on the River Oaks Zoning Board of Adjustments President of River Oaks Christmas in Action
I would work with the citizens, and city officials to meet the challenges currently facing River Oaks. I would work to keep the city on sound financial footing, with strong public services and a fire and police force second to none.
I am running because I believe my experience working with groups, organizations, and people will be beneficial in meeting the challenges and opportunities facing the city.
I believe transparency is tied to communication. I will be open about my thoughts on city issues and have an open door policy to hear the thoughts and wishes of all constituents.
I believe in sound fiscal responsibility. I believe the needs of first responders are of the highest importance, as well as other services like water, sewer, and roads. However, all costs must be weighed against the city's ability to pay. Equal attention must be paid to increasing the city's ability to attract new businesses that will add to sales tax revenue for the city.
The water and sewer improvements and River Oaks Blvd. Master Plan projects will have the biggest impact on the city and citizens. River Oaks is an oasis in Tarrant County undergoing big changes in growth and infrastructure. Each project is important to our citizens and deserves careful and thoughtful consideration.