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Justice of the Peace, Tarrant County Precinct No. 7

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    Kenneth D. Sanders

  • Matt Hayes

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Phone (817) 454-1684
Website www.voteKenSanders.com
Occupation Independent Insurance Adjuster
Education Bachelor's Of Arts Degree in Business, Southern University
Twitter @KenSandersTX
Beyond meeting all qualifications outlined by the State of Texas, I am the most qualified candidate in this race and, as measured by any objective metric, I have been active in this community long before this election cycle in comparison to my opponents. I have the temperament essential in establishing a court room of procedural fairness and maintain proper decorum.
Because I felt it was most impacted by the average citizen. JP Courts handle a lot of Truancy, Small Claims, Evictions, and disputes that are more often than not represented by attorneys​. Many of the petitioners or defendants are citizens with limited resources who are just trying to make their voice heard in matters that may impact their living situation or other issues.
The judiciary system balances the power of government and gives voice to the people​ against unjust enrichment of others and over-reach by government. As judge interpreting the law requires an understanding of the construction and intent of the law. It is important to understand legislative intent as the spirit of the law without over-reaching the actual letter of the law.
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