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Co Commissioner #4

The Commissioners Court conducts the general business of the county and consists of the County Judge and four Commissioners. As a member of the court, commissioners exercise broad policy-making authority and represent one of four precincts within the county;

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    Andrew R. Haggerty

  • Carl Robinson

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What are the 3 most important issues for resdents of your precinct and how will you address these issues if elected?

Of all the oversight responsibilities as commissioner,- roads and bridges, personnel, bond authority control- on which area or areas are you inclined to focus?

What in your opinion is the most important office or board under your authority and why?

How do you propose to meet your constituents health care needs?

Campaign Phone (915) 637-1755
Education/Degrees BBA from New Mexico State University
Professional Experience Broker/Owner Century 21 Haggerty Co., REALTOR President Greater El Paso Association of REALTORS - 2014 REALTOR of the Year - 2015
Community Involvement Wallace Houghston Masonic Lodge, El Maida Shrine, Sun Bowl PAC 12 Team Host Committee, Association of the United States Army - Omar Bradley Chapter Board Member, Delta Chi Education Foundation 2nd Vice President, President of the Rio Grande Council of Governments, Vice Chair of the Solid Waiste Advisory Committee of the RGCOG, Chairman of the First Responders Preparedness Planning Group, Chairman of the RGCOG Finance Committee
1. Taxes have always and will always be an issue and in my three years in office we have not raised our tax rate, we even lowered our tax rate this last buyer session but have improved services by cutting waisted spending and bond refinancing. 2. Better Animal Control along the Northwest portion of my precinct has been a top priority and will continue to be along with continuing the partnerships with the outlying communities that enables us to bring free or reduced spay and nuetering for the residents. 3. Water and Waiste water needs to continue to be a top priority as well as trying to address flooding. We need to continue to actively work for grant funding to make a better quality of life for the County residents. Included in this is additional cleanups of trash and tires that will keep these items out of the arroyos which will help reduce flooding.
Our first and most important role is overseeing the budget. That is where we need to continuously review the budget and work with the department heads to ensure we are finding ways to creatively save money or do more with less.
I have recently been appointed to the purchasing board for the County and I feel my Business background makes me very suitable to work with the purchasing director and find great ways to improve county operations. There are a lot of ways to cut unnecessary spending and find ways to save that will ensure that we can continue to improve services without raising taxes.
I have a monthly meeting with both the CEO of UMC as well as the CEO of Children's Hospital. I have pushed to get the Emergency Room built in the Northeast and that has been approved and will begin being built soon. That is important to ensure that if an emergency happens, people in the Northeast don't have to travel over a mountain or to the Eastside for care.
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